Thyracont Vacuum Instruments is a private, medium sized company. Our products originate exclusively from our own developments. Recently, Thyracont has received the excellence mark 1A-in ratings according to Basel II. Satisfied customers are the utmost concern of our experienced, highly qualified staff. Our product portfolio includes intelligent vacuum instruments for various fields of application. We will be pleased to customize hardware and firmware of our standard products according to your needs. OEM partnerships are welcomed; our team will work with you to fulfill specific product requirements.

All standard gauges and controllers are available online, easy ordering and fast delivery at the click of a mouse. A product finder will assist you to find the right solution for your application.

Thyracont - For Decades we have set the Standards
Joy in innovation is the main driving force that sets Thyracont’s direction and has given rise to many new concepts in vacuum metrology. In house R&D has resulted in a series of patents being granted for innovations and processes that are built into our entire product range.

Thyracont - Accuracy is our Obsession
Precision is found throughout Thyracont. In our instruments, our production processes, our scheduling and our customer relations. We continue to focus on improvements in efficiency across all company functions and positive customer feedback confirms that we are on track.

Thyracont - Expertise and Responsiveness
Thyracont encourages direct contact from our customers. For technical queries, delivery dates or price quotations, we will get straight forward responses to you quickly and accurately.

Thyracont - Made in Germany since 1970
Quality and reliability are the principles of Thyracont’s success. For customers, suppliers and staff, Thyracont is a long term partner combining technical excellence with environmental awareness and a strong sense of community.

All Thyracont products are developed, manufactured and calibrated in Germany. Sophisticated test procedures assure that the measurement and control instruments meet highest demands in terms of long lifetime, reliability and precision.

Thyracont Vacuum Instruments
Thyracont Vacuum Instruments
Thyracont Vacuum Instruments
Thyracont Vacuum Instruments

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