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Category: Control Panels
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Founded in 2005, TiMOTION has become a leading manufacturer of electric linear actuators, electric lifting columns, control systems and related technology. With four TiMOTION subsidiaries, four manufacturing facilities and sales agents situated across the world, TiMOTION is well positioned to provide global engineering and sales support.

The most important part of TiMOTION is our team, which is comprised of over 1500 people from more than 23 countries around the world. Through collaboration, we leverage each other's strengths to create innovative and effective solutions for a multitude of product applications. The personal connections gained through collaboration also strengthens the bond of the TiMOTION family, a multi-national team working together to meet the common goal of providing high quality, long life linear motion solutions with the best possible customer service for our partners.

We celebrate our victories and learn from challenges as a team. We embrace challenge as a way to learn and achieve greatness. We are the TiMOTION team.

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