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Category: Timing Pulleys (metric)
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Tiny-Clutch | Helander Products, Inc. Tiny-Clutch | Helander Products, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of miniature clutches to serve a broad range of rotary motion control situations. They produce six distinct styles of clutches, each suited to particular applications.

D-Series Roller Clutches are a robust line of one way clutches featuring positive drive with near zero backlash, low overrunning torque and tolerant of high overrunning speeds.

CR-Series Roller Clutches are captured roller and cam assemblies that function the same as the D-Series, but which are installed in your housing.

A-Series Roller Clutches are a single revolution style roller clutch which can be mechanically activated to selectively couple a continuously rotating member and a driven shaft. They feature fast response and positive torque transmission, with powerful driving characteristics.

SP-Series Spring Clutches are a versatile line of spring clutches available in the following configurations: Overrunning, On-Off, Single Revolution, Single Revolution with Adjusting clamp and Single Revolution with Over-Travel Stop. The various configurations allow great flexibility in applications. Helander produces a range of solenoid actuator brackets to work with each model of SP-Series clutches to allow easy mounting in your application.

M-Series Magnetic Clutches combine the simplicity and driving power of a spring clutch with the convenience of electromagnetic actuation, with very low current draw. M series Clutches drive either clockwise or counterclockwise with the output free in both directions when de-powered.

AD-Series Autodisconnect Clutches are purely mechanical, automatically disconnecting clutches and require no external actuation. When torque is applied to the input hub the clutch engages and drives. When torque is removed from the input the output is free in both directions. Ideal for applications such as tape take up reels when the output must be free in order to retrieve material off of the reel.

Helander excels at the design and manufacture of modified or custom units to suit your specific applications. They stock a large selection of materials and basic components from which they can quickly build clutch assemblies for your requirements. Clutch packages can be supplied complete with gears, pulleys, sprockets, solenoid actuators, etc.

Contact Helander with your needs and they will help you choose the right clutch!

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