Industry Specialists in the manufacture of CORROSION RESISTANT PROCESS EQUIPMENT

TITAN Metal Fabricators

Experts in the fabrication of TITANIUM ZIRCONIUM NIOBIUM and TANTALUM

TITAN Metal Fabricators

. . . In a word, it's QUALITY.

TITAN believes QUALITY is imperative not only in manufacturing, but throughout the entire company. Through their commitment to providing customers with quality products, service, design, innovation, manufacturing, testing and inspection, TITAN has become and will remain a world leader in the development of corrosion resistant equipment.

TITAN Metal Fabricators TITAN Metal Fabricators

Tube Hole Tolerances +/- .002"

TITAN's emphasis on quality throughout the organization ensures the TITAN customer of receiving the industry's very best service, design and manufacturing.

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Corrosion Resistant Heating For HCL Pickling (Heating and Cooling Equipment) The Steel industry has traditionally used PTFE immersion coils and direct steam spargers to heat pickle baths. This article reviews the alternatives offered with Tantalum coils and Tantalum shell and... (View Full Article)