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Category: Microscope Lenses and Objectives
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Titan Tool Supply, Inc. is a leading supplier of optical instruments, measuring instruments, inspection equipment and remote visual inspection. Equipment includes optical instruments such as Microscopes including: Measuring Microscopes, Stereoscopes, Videoscope Microscopes, Pocket Microscope; Borescopes including: Rigid Borescopes, Articulating Fiberscopes, Video Borescopes; and Illuminatorsincluding for remote visual inspection, and much more.

Titan Tool Supply, Inc. has been serving since 1952 the Research & Development Departments and Quality Control Departments for Aerospace and Defense Manufacturers, Automotive Manufactures, Electronic Manufacturing, Medical Manufacturing, Printing Industry, Universities and the Tool and Die and Mold Manufacturing Industry.

The lens systems in Titan products are designed or modified to meet the needs and specifications of our customers. Whether you need to view your application by eye or video, our experienced engineers can design an optical program to solve your problem. We are happy to work with you via E-mail, fax or phone. Our instrumentation covers: 

Internal viewing - borescopes both rigid, flexible & video. 
Alignment - centering microscopes, toolscopes and alignment telescopes. 
Measuring - toolmaker microscopes and other measuring microscopes.
Variable Magnification Viewing - stereo microscopes and monocular zoom microscopes. Eighty-five percent of our instruments are video adaptable. This enables you to achieve a greater level of resolution, an attribute that is important in instruments such as our depth and X axis measuring microscopes. 

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