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Category: Hinges (industrial)
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COVID 19 IMPORTANT UPDATE: TorqMaster is open and manufacturing as an essential medical device manufacturer, we are prioritizing our global medical device customers.

As a 40+ Year Global supplier of motion control hinges, our products can be found in applications across many industries; from medical, transportation, consumer, industrial, electronics to aerospace and defense.

• All are made in the U.S.A. and shipped worldwide.
• We offer standard, semi-custom, and full custom designs.
• We are ISO 9001:2015 registered, RoHS and REACH compliant.

We have many standard products available, along with a large array of tooled components to enable us to create semi-custom designs. We also design full custom solutions to meet specific requirements.

We offer focused customer service and engineering, our specialty for over 30 years. Our typical customer is a branded product manufacturer, a global contract manufacturer, or a specialty distributor.

With in-house engineering, 3D design, R&D, testing, prototyping, machining and assembly, our team is always available to review new or existing applications to help you with your motion control challenges.

TorqMaster appreciates your interest in our solutions and looks forward to discussing your application and offering solutions to your motion control needs.

Contact one of our in-house engineers today to discuss the specific needs for your application and request a quote.


Standard Friction Hinges

Custom Friction Hinges


Our most popular friction hinges — based on shaft diameter and housing style — are available and easily integrated into new designs, eliminating the need for tooling and development programs for a majority of projects.

Need a custom hinge? We can help you design the optimal housing, mounting configuration, materials and torque for your specialty hinge needs. Using another hinge? Drop-in replacement hinges can enhance product performance while reducing costs.

Our hinges are being used in the Medical, Automotive, Transportation, Consumer, Industrial, Electronics to Aerospace and Defense markets and have even been sent into space.

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