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Category: Video Cameras
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Toshiba Imaging Systems Divisions

Toshiba Imaging Systems Division is the premier supplier of high quality video cameras for Machine Vision, Biomedical, R&D and Scientific applications. Toshiba’s advanced video imaging technology and high resolution cameras such as Toshiba’s 3CCD color cameras and remote head camera family have earned Toshiba Imaging Systems Division the distinctive reputation for offering the most advanced imaging solutions to the industrial and scientific communities.


Toshiba is one of few manufacturers worldwide that have the technology to produce 3CCD prism block cameras. Toshiba Imaging Systems Division is distinguished by their technological prowess with remote head technology combined with the 3CCD technology. This technology requires very compact designs for components and housings.


IK-TF5 helps in treatment of breast cancer

Toshiba Imaging’s IK-TF5 3CCD camera was selected by Advanced Imaging Magazine for the “2007 Solution of the Year” - Medical Category. The high resolution 3-chip color digital camera is integrated into an advanced microscopy system for quantitative immunohistochemistry analysis, helping pathologists to provide more accurate and objective prognostic data in the treatment of breast cancer.

IK-TF9C helps provide real-time diagnoses through telemedicine imaging

Photonics Tech Briefs Magazine recently awarded Toshiba Imaging Systems Division the “Product of the Year Award-2007” for their innovative IK-TF9C Color 3CCD Camera. This mega pixel 3-chip advanced technology camera is integrated into a telemedicine imaging system that helps doctors make quicker diagnoses and get second opinions, transmitting data from a microscope to a desktop computer, anywhere in the world, in real-time!


Examples of Toshiba’s compact design technology is the IK-TF family of 3CCD color cameras whose dimensions are just 44mm x 44mm x 78 mm making them the smallest yet highest resolution 3CCD cameras on the market today. There are five IK-TF models: a NTSC version; two progressive scan and two camera link progressive scan models. All have the best S/N ratio of any popularly priced 3CCD camera on the market.

Another example of their unique compact design is the B&W “ice cube” camera models IK-52V and IK-53V progressive scan output cameras with dimensions of only 29 mm cube.

Inventor of the “lipstick” cameras

Toshiba Imaging Systems Division is world-renowned for the design and sale of “lipstick” remote head cameras which are used in many applications including non destructive testing, broadcast video, machine vision, inspection, etc. Originally introduced in the 1980’s, these popular industrial video camera models IK-M44, IK-M41, IK-UM44 and IKC44 with ½” and 1/3” CCD designs are ideal for a wide variety of industrial and scientific applications.

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