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Category: Leak Testing Equipment
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UE Systems, Inc.

UE SYSTEMS INC., manufacturer of the famous Ultraprobe instruments, produces portable and on-line ultrasonic instruments for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection. Used in energy conservation, predictive maintenance, safety and quality assurance programs around the world, they help all types of companies, large and small, become more productive.

Since its founding in 1973, UE Systems Inc., has been recognized as the worldwide leader in the technology of airborne ultrasound. UE supports its' products and services through an international network of highly skilled, trained sales agents.

Typical applications for UE Systems' instruments are in three main categories: Leak Detection, Mechanical Inspection and Electric Testing. 

Leak applications include: vacuum and pressure systems, and for energy reduction as well as efficiencies, compressed air and steam leaks. 

Mechanical inspections cover locating and trending and spectral analysis of various mechanical issues such as early warning of bearing failure, ultrasound assisted lubrication, testing gears/gearboxes and identifying cavitation.

Electric inspection with ultrasound helps prevent arc flash incidents by identifying arcing, tracking and corona in enclosed cabinets.  It is a valuable adjunct to infrared inspection since it will “hear” what infrared cameras might not “see.  Ultrasound can be used to detect potential failure conditions in all voltages, high, medium and low.

Specialized applications for transportation include: hatch leaks and bulkhead leaks in ships, wind noise and water leaks in cars and trucks, cabin pressure leaks in aircraft.

The Ultraprobe series has become recognized as the standard of portable airborne ultrasound instrumentation. These versatile instruments are the world’s best selling and most widely recognized name representing high quality and superior engineering. The latest digital model, the Ultraprobe 15,000 is considered to be the “Future of Ultrasound” since it is literally a condition monitoring laboratory that fits in the palm of a hand.  It is the only ultrasonic instrument with an array of features including touch-screen technology, on-board sound analysis and recording, a camera, IR thermometer, route review and application specific data fields to accompany on-board data logging. Supported by data management and spectral analysis software, inspectors have the capability of analyzing, trending and reporting their results on the spot, quickly and easily.

UE Systems, Inc.

All Ultraprobe instruments are supported by an array of specialized accessories and software.

UE Systems also provides continuous on-line monitors for quality control inspections of products as well as for advanced warning of leaks and impending mechanical failure. These monitors include the Ultra-Trak 750 for valve leakage, flow/no flow identification, cavitation detection, and bearing monitoring. The UCA 586 helps prevent arc-flash incidents by warning of arcing, tracking or corona in enclosed electric cabinets. A line of on-line leak detectors for quality assurance inspection is the DS-386 series, which includes a choice of transducer arrays, sensitivity validation pre-testing and various alarm outputs.

UE Systems supports the technology with a world-wide network of direct sales offices and distributors.

As a vital part of technology acquisition, UE Systems has a dedicated training division with a variety of programs including certifiable training.  Their website contains tutorials, webinars and the training schedule for those interested in continuing their knowledge for ultrasound condition monitoring and energy reduction.

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