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Your Domestic Source for Quality, Custom Engineered Tolerance Rings

Since 1961, USA Tolerance Rings has been producing tolerance rings for numerous industries. We've remained a flexible company that specializes in custom solutions for our clients' specific engineering needs. In addition to custom design rings, we carry a number of stock ring sizes for various applications.

USA Tolerance Rings is the ONLY domestic producer of tolerance rings. All of the rings we sell are made in-house at our NJ facility by our trained technicians. We respond to customers, large and small, with efficient, courteous service and with rapid turnaround of sample parts and with development testing in customer components. This offers a level of precision and quality control that few can offer, while delivering fast turn around and shipping. This benefits clients working on prototypes as well as projects with domestic parts-sourcing requirements.

Our Product

Tolerance rings are tough enough for off-highway equipment, but delicate enough to center a miniature ball bearing. Today, you'll find them in numerous manufacturing applications from home appliances to automotive to electronics. Some of the core uses are mounting bearings, torque transfer, and fastening/ joining.

Working with Us

USA Tolerance Rings is not just a parts supplier, we're a design solutions partner. Our in-house engineers work with you to source the exact ring to meet your specific needs and goals. When customers present us with a bearing or part assembly problem, we analyze the design and develop engineered solutions that work for the manufacturing and design requirements. We've worked with various industries over the years and offer proven experience and realistic expectations on our products.

Join the ranks of the thousands of engineers, who, when confronted with a design problem made the fortunate discovery of USA TOLERANCE RINGS- an exceptional company; an exceptional product.

USA Tolerance Rings is ISO 9001:2008 Certified

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