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Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment Systems, Parts & Accessories

Reverse Osmosis Systems

  • Commercial and Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems for Any Application
  • Custom Design and Consultation Services
  • Replacement Reverse Osmosis Membranes
  • Pre and Post Treatment Options
  • Replacement Filters, Pumps and Parts
  • Anti-Scalants & Storage Options

Water Softeners & Backwashing Filters

  • Commercial and Industrial High-Flow Water Softener & Backwashing Media Systems
  • Custom Design and Consultation Services
  • Replacement Parts
  • Metered Operation, Progressive Flow
  • Replacement Resin, Media, Distributors and Parts
  • All Sizes of Tanks – Both Steel and Plastic

Harmsco Housings & Filters

  • Innovation in Liquid Filtration since 1958
  • Stainless Steel NSF Certified Vessels to 2,400 GPM
  • Lower Operational Costs – More surface filtration area means less filter changes
  • Built to ASME Standards
  • Filters for all applications – hot or cold water – high purity or wastewater
  • For Municipal Drinking Water, Cooling Towers, Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR) I, II, Industrial Waste Water Treatment, RO Pre-filtration, Ground Water
  • Large selection of Pleated, Carbon, Antimicrobial and High-Purity Cartridges

Stenner Chemical Injection Pumps

  • The Industry Leader in Peristaltic Meter Pumps since 1957
  • Proportional Injection systems for precise metering of liquids
  • For water treatment, cooling towers, animal health, car washing, industrial processes, institutional applications and municipal water
  • Individual pumps are totally modular, easily serviced and built to last
  • Water meter options, flow indicators, solution storage tanks and parts
  • All pumps are self-priming against maximum working pressure

Ultrapure Laboratory Water Systems

  • All sizes up to 18.2 Meg Ohm Lab Water Systems
  • Priced at a fraction of the cost of the other big name companies (you know who)
  • Custom consultation, engineering  and design – We specialize in “open-frame” design, which reduces upfront cost, maintenance costs and makes service easy
  • We special in water up to 16 meg ohms
  • We can provide pre-treatment, storage and delivery options

Salt-Free Water Conditioners

  • Any Commercial or Industrial Water Usage
  • Conditions water without the use of salt
  • Scale control technology protects complete plumbing systems or individual components from the negative effects of water hardness.
  • The system requires no maintenance, no backwashing, no salt and no electricity.
  • Prevents scale and typical problems associated with hard water
  • Entire systems or replacement media
  • Available as cartridge systems for point-of-use, Foodservice, cooling towers, coffee shops

DI - Deionization Systems

  • Simply put – if you use DI water and don’t use US Water Systems as your provider, you are paying too much!
  • The AquaPurion is the lowest-cost method to de-ionize water
  • We focus on Disposable DI Cartridges which eliminate costly delivery and labor charges
  • For applications up to 18.2 meg ohm
  • We can provide instrumentation and monitoring of water quality
  • For flow rates of ½ GPM to 100 GPM of DI water.
  • Complete engineering, consultation and design services available

Water Coolers

  • Get off the bottle and save thousands of dollars with Bottle-Free Coolers
  • Spring or High Purity Water
  • No Bottles, No Storage, No Kidding
  • Many sizes and models
  • Eliminate bottled water – Save the Planet!

Replacement Water Filter Cartridges

  • Pleated Filters
  • Sediment Filters
  • Reverse Osmosis Filters
  • Carbon Filters
  • High Purity Filters
  • Lab Water Filters
  • DI Cartridge Filters

Water Monitoring, Controls, Instruments & Analysis

  • Water Testing, Measuring and Monitoring
  • HM Digital, Myron L, Hach, LaMotte
  • Pressure Gauges, Flow Meters, Totalizers
  • Full Water Analysis Services
  • Not sure what you need? Call!

Additionally, US Water has the largest selection of reverse osmosis pumps, membranes, parts and accessories:


Website:  www.uswatersystems.com
E-mail company:  info@uswatersystems.com
Phones:  800-608-8792
Fax:  317-209-0885

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