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Category: Serial Interfaces
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Engineered Solutions
We offer a full range of professional services to design the optimal solution for your application, replace an obsolete part, or augment your staff with additional skills.

These services include:

  • Application engineering analysis
  • Custom electronic and mechanical design
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Reverse engineering
  • Product equivalency analysis
  • Small and large batch manufacturing
  • Qualification
  • Computational simulation
  • Testing
  • On-site training
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Instrumentation and Control
Ultra Energy is an established leader in the design, manufacture, supply, support, lifetime extension and decommissioning of I&C systems. With monitoring and control installations across the globe spanning defense, nuclear, medical and industrial sectors, our systems have been protecting personnel, the Environment and major country infrastructure for more than 60 years.

Our specialist areas of expertise include:
  • Nuclear safety systems, reactor protection and control
  • Neutron flux detection, specialist cables and nucleonics
  • Radiation detection instrumentation (health physics)
  • Customized stack effluent monitoring and sampling
  • Nuclear emergency information and management systems
Our services include:
  • Applications engineering and feasibility studies
  • Complete safety systems design (IEC 61508 and Class 1E)
  • System installation and commissioning
  • Post installation service support
  • Aging and obsolescence management
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Radiation Detection and Monitoring
  • Health physics instruments and systems
  • Personnel and area monitoring
  • Complex specialist radiation detection and measurement in nuclear facilities
  • Rugged military radiation detection systems for land and naval platforms
  • stack effluent monitoring for nuclear and radiopharmaceutical sites
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