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Category: Geographic Information Systems Software (GIS)
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Maintaining the safety of critical nuclear, space, aerospace, and industrial systems and maximizing their lifetime value.

When you need a solution for your facility or application, consult with a supplier who has expertise in engineering, design, manufacturing, testing, and supply chain management.

Who We Are

Part of Ultra Group, Ultra Energy is a global engineering company with 70 years' experience designing and manufacturing safety solutions for highly regulated markets, such as nuclear, space and aerospace, as well as industrial manufacturing sectors. Our solutions provide reliable, long-term protection and control of critical systems operating in extreme environments. Learn more about our heritage in the nuclear industry here.

Who We Work With

Our customers are developing advanced nuclear reactors, constructing new reactors, extending the life of existing nuclear plants and managing the lifecycle of radioactive material. We also work with organizations in aviation, space and industrial manufacturing, supporting the safety of systems operating in comparably challenging environments.

Challenges We Solve

The success of our customers relies on controlling complex processes taking place in extreme and potentially volatile environments. They need to ensure their operations don't risk the safety of their staff, people living nearby and globally, and the natural world. Their infrastructure investments also need to be safeguarded against loss due to legitimate safety concerns.

What We Deliver

Ultra Energy’s solutions provide customers with complete, long-term protection and control over safety critical systems operating in extreme environments. Through the intelligence, expertise and quality embedded in our approach, customers are better placed to deliver the success factors their stakeholders require.

How We Work

Our team partners with customers to design and deliver high quality safety solutions that solve their specific organizational requirements. Ultra’s cultural values are focussed on creating a modern working environment in which talent and knowledge combine in the best way to deliver the solutions our customers require.

A Positive Force

We’re dedicated to protecting our planet, supporting our people, doing the right thing and giving back. Our work solves some of industry's most complex problems, delivering new benefits to society while making the world a safer place. This is why we exist: to innovate today for a safer tomorrow.

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