For over 40 years Ultrafab Inc., based in Farmington, New York, has been providing unique, cost effective and timely solutions for a wide range of applications. Known as an industry leading provider of custom, high end sealing solutions for the window and door market, Ultrafab also provides a wide range of products for numerous OEM applications within its Specialty Products Division.

Ultrafab strives to attain the highest in quality standards by being committed to achieving the level of excellence that continuously ensures the mutual success of their customers, employees and partners! The key to their success has always been customer focus and a dedication to working directly with engineering to develop new and different approaches to solving the most difficult design challenges.

Ultrafab services customers in over 90 countries in a vast array of market sectors.
Ultrafab, Inc.

Business / Office Equipment

  • Active Cleaning Brushes
  • Static Elimination / Reduction Brushes
  • Ink and Toner Cartridge Seals
  • Roller Brushes
  • Wiper or Applicator for Develop Roller

Healthcare / Medical Devices

  • Active Cleaning Brushes
  • Static Elimination / Reduction brushes
  • Ultrafab, Inc.Light Reduction Seals for Image Cartridges
    & Development Chambers

Industrial Equipment

  • Process and Conveyor Brushes
  • Static Elimination / Reduction Brushes
  • Mobile Track Seals
  • Applicator Brushes
  • Active Cleaning Brushes


  • Rotary Shaft Seals
  • Static Elimination / Reduction Brushes
  • Sliding Windows Track Seals
  • Vibration Reduction Seals
  • Firewall Cable Management Seals


  • Refrigeration Enclosure Seals
  • Rotor Seals
  • Track Seals for Sliding Doors / Windows
  • High Temperature Appliance Drum Seals Large Scale Enclosure Seals

Window and Door

  • Pile Weatherseals
  • Extruded T-Slot seals and Kerf Mounted Pile Seals
  • Pro Lon ® Foam Seals
  • Ultra-Plug ® Weatherseals

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