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In 1972 the Umbra Group was just an idea.  Today it is a robust international organization with multiple Lean-focused divisions and a dedicated workforce - skilled in helping their customers overcome the most challenging motion-related problems.

The Umbra Group is a provider of motion solutions - a company that manufactures and fabricates products with reliability that is renowned in industrial, medical, and aerospace markets.  Umbra products produce movement or facilitate motion to satisfy customer needs.  These products have extended human life in the medical industry, they have facilitated manufacturing speed for industrial applications, and they have extended mean-time-between-overhaul in aerospace.  These accomplishments underscore the strategic leadership that embodies the Umbra Group.

The whole of the Umbra Group is united in purpose – delivering  Reliable Motion Solutions for demanding operating environments with exceptional service and unyielding integrity.  This value proposition is made possible through a highly skilled workforce with broad expertise.  We take pride in our history of innovation but are not satisfied to exist in the past.  For this reason, we continually seek new challenges that drive the success of our customers.

The company that helped to develop the Cronidur30™ alloy and ultra-reliable ball screw technology now offers an expanded portfolio of Reliable Motion Solutions.  Leveraging design & manufacturing expertise in bearings, ball screws and motors, Umbra Direct-Drive Electro-mechanical Actuation (EMA) technology establishes a new benchmark in tight component integration.  When customers utilize our EMA drive units, their products offer increased value to their customers –lower power consumption and lower total cost of ownership are but a few examples.

Also unique to Umbra’s Linear EMA products is a low-inertia ball-nut (thanks to our proprietary in-shaft ball recirculation method) which facilitates high-speed, energy efficient reciprocation. For the first time, control over the speed, acceleration, and length of the stroke is commercially attainable through electro-mechanical reciprocation. Phased units can achieve uniform flow with no pulsation and no need for attenuation. Built-in feedback systems abate discharge overpressure concerns from a closed discharge valve.  

Umbra Group's Mission
To provide “Reliable Motion Solutions” for demanding operating environments with exceptional service and unyielding integrity. 

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