Union Tool makes automated machines that handle and process flat sheets,
boards and panels made of wood, metal, glass, plastic, fiber or foam.

Since 1942, Union Tool has been providing customers with proven material handling solutions that significantly cut costs—not corners.

Union Tool's broad line of automatic feeders, stackers and other equipment have revolutionized the material handling industry. By automating your work flow, Union Tool’s high performance equipment allows you to significantly reduce costs and the need for on-line personnel, while speeding up your production lines in a continuous, uninterrupted work flow.

Regardless of your current plan layout, Union Tool can streamline the way you move product through your plant to save you considerable time and money. Conveyors, stackers, feeders, coaters, hot melt applicators, glue spreaders, laminators, electrical and electronic controllers, lubricators, turn-over devices, wire brushes... whatever can be done with sheets, panels and boards in a conveyorized processing line, Union Tool makes the automated machines and equipment that do it.

New Press Blank Feeder/Coater/Feeder
for Larger Steel Blanks!

Automatically de-stacks individual steel sheets,
applies lubricant and then places the coated sheet against locating pins in the die.



Custom-Built Equipment by a Professional Engineering Staff

Union Tool's staff of highly qualified engineers specializes in the design and application of high-efficiency, custom-built machinery. They work with you to develop a production system that best fits your application. Their CAD System technology allows them to reduce the time and cost associated with new product development.

Typical Industries and Applications

All of Union Tool's machines are custom designed and adapted for specific applications. Here are a few typical industries and their applications:


Recreational Vehicle (RV) Manufacturing — Union Tool is right in the heart of RV and motor home country, and they've been making machinery for laying up floor, wall and ceiling panels since the industry first took off back in the War years. Travel trailers, mobile homes, fifth wheels, and towables of all kinds are made better, faster, and more profitably with Union Tool machines. These machines are adaptable to other industries as well; basically, anywhere large sheets and panels need to be laminated, coated, painted and glued up.

Metal Stamping, Drawing and Forming — From lubricant coating and painting to wire brush finishing, many Union Tool machines find homes in metalworking plants of all kinds. Stackers and feeders keep those sheets of aluminum, brass, steel, and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals moving down the processing line.

Entry, Security and Garage Door Manufacturers — Like wall panels in the RV industry, doors are typically sandwich constructions - a frame or core covered with various types of facing panels front and back. Union Tool makes many roller coaters and laminators preferred by door makers, including their new 110-inch "twins" ... a matching hot melt roller coater / laminator pair, big enough to face both sides of a garage door substrate in a single pass.

EPS Foam — EPS foam sheets and panels are used in many manufacturing processes. Union Tool makes several machines specific to EPS foam, and many UT laminators, coaters, feeders and stackers can be adapted to handle EPS foam.

Plastics Packaging & Forming — From application of blister / skin pack material to silicone coating of plastic web materials prior to forming, Union Tool knows how to handle plastic sheets, films and panels.

Architectural Glass — Union Tool makes roller coaters specifically designed for glass substrates. The making of spandrel glass especially requires the particularly smooth paint coating that their Reverse Roller Coaters provide.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing — One of the primary requirements in the manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards is protecting the surfaces of the boards, which means gentle handling by the edges. While most of the machines in this category are specific to the PCB industry, they can be adapted to handle delicate materials of all kinds where surface protection and precision handling are required.

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