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Category: Data Storage Systems
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UnitrendsUnitrends provides enterprise-level data protection at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry.  Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, Unitrends combines backup and disaster recovery functionality in a single solution, allowing IT professionals to protect and quickly restore data, applications, operating systems, and hypervisors.  

Focus on your business, not your backup

We believe that data protection should be simple and reliable, from its day-to-day management to the fateful moment when you need to recover data or restore a whole system.  This is why Unitrends provides a single pane of glass for managing backups across all platforms, and why we are dedicated to maintaining our world-class, U.S.-based support team.

We also believe that data protection needs to scale with your business. Our licensing model begins and ends with the purchase of our all-in-one solution: our customers never pay per client, agent, or operating system.

Thousands installed – and counting

Founded in 1989, Unitrends’ initial focus was on backup software for UNIX systems. Following a round of venture capital funding in 2003, Unitrends developed its first appliance.  Today, Unitrends provides an all-in-one backup solution and disaster recovery solution that protects more than 100 versions of operating systems and applications. An additional round of funding in 2008 allowed Unitrends to grow to its current status as a leader in the Disaster Recovery and Business Systems Continuity market, with thousands installed worldwide.

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