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Category: Power Bipolar Transistors
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Universal Semiconductor, Inc., CMOS Gate Arrays Universal specializes in integration through the following technology mixes that have been designed to operate on the same chip: RC/D; Analog/Digital; High Voltage Smart Power; CMOS, DMOS, Bipolar MEMS and RC/D.

Universal's processes have been proven to be highly radiation tolerant for military and aerospace applications. These products are ideal in telecommunication, signal processing, instrumentation, robotics and computers.

Universal Semiconductor Inc. is one of the early pioneering semiconductor companies in the world that extended and developed innovative technologies for diverse applications. Its major technological achievement is its unique High Voltage Technologies and Mixed Signal capabilities.

Founded in 1978 in a custom built, 30,000 square foot facility in the heart of the Silicon Valley, their Class 10 environment facility contains fabrication and production as well as design engineering and testing capability which is focused on providing solutions for wide ranging customer applications in a most reliable and cost effective manner using the most modern and safe practices.

Universal Semiconductor offers Custom Built single chip IC solutions and tailor them in every area from combining the different technologies on one chip to offering space level processing with special rad-hard options to the exact requirements of their customers.

Their activities cover: Universal Semiconductor, Inc., High Voltage ASIC's

  • High Voltage (750V) ASICs
  • Mixed Signal CMOS arrays, and Full Custom ICs
  • RC & RCD Networks – Thin Film
  • Bipolar Arrays (Up to 40V) Design and Engineering
  • Testing and Breadboarding
  • Foundry Services

Universal Semiconductor's mission is to provide a wide choice of value added design and manufacturing services of ICs to their customers to give them an advantage in time, quality, reliability and cost. Universal Semiconductor achieves this by painstaking quality design, consistently acceptable quality of foundry services and responsive customer service.

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