VO-Tech, Inc.Variable Operations Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturing company specializing in CNC production machining and custom-designed machinery for industrial applications.

Vo-Tech operates 5 distinctly different business units that comprise their business model. Vo-Tech believes this to be a significant strength and a major point of differentiation and distinction between their company and others who are limited in their breadth of service offered.

Vo-Tech's business offerings consist of the following:

  1. Production job shop CNC Milling and Lathe machining specializing in close tolerance work and exotic materials
    1. Prototype/development and high volume production machining parts made to print/customer specifications
    2. Multi-step, multi-platform machining assemblies including electrical and mechanical assemblies with multiple steps of machining and handling
  2. In house engineering and design staff that assist customers and design machines, machine tools and fixtures
  3. Field machining operations to the power generation industry for scheduled maintenance and emergent work
  4. Designers of tools and machines. Have unique product line of patented tools and machines for the metalworking/engineered plastics/composites machining industry
    1. Developed product lines of machine tools for the power generation industry
  5. Consulting services to the power generation industry

Vo-Tech's mission is to continue their growth by building meaningful relationships with their customers offering them the best quality of product and service possible. They will continue to maintain the highest quality of staff who share their values of maintaining integrity in their business dealings, possess the strongest work ethics and will continue to develop their expertise and knowledge base of the best machining methods and practices available.

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