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Category: Water Valves
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Valcor Engineering Corporation, founded in 1951, specializes in the design and manufacture of solenoid valves and control components for liquids and gases in critical applications in the aerospace, nuclear, light industrial and scientific industries. When you work with Valcor, you tap into the power of a reliable, proven organization geared to support you at every turn.

The world-class staff of engineers, designers, and technical support personnel of Valcor utilize fully-equipped modern test facilities to test the most precise and exacting standards. Valcor Engineering’s in house manufacturing capabilities range from machining the most complex parts in our CNC machining and turning centers to our fully automated welding and composite winding machines.

With a library of more than 18,000 designs, the Valcor Engineering design team can modify existing technology to suit practically every hard to handle application. We specialize in custom applications and will create an entirely new product to meet your most demanding application.

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