Vanpro Inc.

In the time of technological explosions and rapid communication advancements, it is possible to quote a job, receive a purchase order, obtain materials, and deliver a finished product for a first-time customer a thousand miles away - all within days. Yet, despite these benefits, Vanpro Inc. thinks some things are too important to change.

Vanpro has always believed that honesty and integrity are absolutely essential in developing and maintaining the trust that supports a satisfying business partnership. They are committed to providing all their customers with accurate, dependable communications, courteous customer service, and excellent product quality.

Since it’s beginning in 1977, Vanpro has experienced growing sales and steady expansion of equipment and service capabilities. This growth has been supported by an increase in staff and additional production and office space, resulting in the move to their new 24,000 sq. ft. facility in the Cambridge, Minnesota industrial park. The relocation was completed in early 1995 and amply allowed for future expansion. In 1999 they added an additional 4,500 sq. ft. for a total of 28,500 sq. ft. With this addition they expanded their R&D and quality department along with adding more office facilities. In 2003 they added an additional 24,000 sq. ft. bringing their total floor space to 52,500 sq. ft.

Since 1977 Vanpro Inc. has been ahead of the competition on all industry standard certifications from the standard ISO: 9001-2000 to a variety of Military Certifications.

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