Velmex, Inc. is a premier US manufacturer of standard and custom linear and rotary motion-control and positioning equipment for scientific, research, machining, instrumentation and industrial industries. Established in 1967, Velmex manufactures UniSlide®, BiSlide® and XSlide® manual and motor-driven assemblies; manual and motor-driven XY tables, rotary tables, elevating tables and turntables; as well as, VXM™ motor controls and VRO™ digital readouts. Velmex offers precise, modular-designed slides, stages and actuators in a variety of configurations and a very broad range of sizes and payload capacities at reasonable cost. Velmex products are useful for precisely moving a probe, sensor, antenna, transducer or other objects. Common applications include light manufacturing, research, automation and prototyping.

Velmex offers thousands of configurations in simple single-axis slides to complex multi-axis systems including dovetail, electric, lead screw and linear slides. Table configurations include X-Y and -Z positioning; rotary; elevating; pan & tilt; indexing and scanning tables.

Linear slide models feature precise, yet simple designs, with payload capacities up to 400 lbs. Standard widths are 1.5", 2.5", 4", 6" and 9"; base lengths from to 228"; travel to 224.5“. Resolutions are 0.01", 0.001" or 0.00005". Velmex's modular design makes multi-axis configurations easy. Complete systems with motors, controls, adapter plates, frames, bases, software and additional options and accessories are available.

Velmex, Inc.
Velmex, Inc.
Velmex, Inc.

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