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Category: Cable Harness and Wire Harness Services
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- Trained on our vast library of engineering resources.


Actuators, Gearboxes, Light Manufacturing & More

Since 1971 Venture has developed a reputation in the industry of delivering the right product, on time, at a cost effective price. We value this reputation and strive to ensure it continues in the future.

  • Customer Responsive ~ Most inquiries answered within hours.
  • Rapid Turnaround ~ customized, one off and low volume, products typically shipped in less than two weeks, Stock items within 24 hrs.
  • Cost Effective ~ Competitive/value added pricing.
  • We are the Manufacturer ~ In house, high volume, OEM manufacturing capabilities.
  • 2D and 3D CAD ~ Drawings and models available.
  • Engineering Support ~ In house engineering support available if needed.
  • Reliable Overseas Sourcing ~ We have multiple overseas partners developed over years of doing business.

Efficiency is a constant focus for us and our customers. Whether it is in design, production, packaging or distribution solutions. Venture strives to be efficient and utilizes robotics and other specialized manufacturing techniques to consistently and efficiently produce quality products for our customers.

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