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Category: Industrial Design Services
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TDP, Inc.

The leading provider of high-discipline product design,
manufacturing and service.

Vergent Products was founded 15 years ago on two core principles; exceptional client experience and the engagement of a diverse team of experts focused on continually elevating their clients’ success.

While they are proud of their many successes, Vergent Products continues to perfect their systematic methodology centered on capturing the dynamics of iterative and convergent product refinement.

As their client, you will sense Vergent Products' increased dedication to their relationship with you and your products portfolio. They view their mission through your eyes – maximizing your presence in your product’s marketplace. From lowering the manufacturing and support costs of your product, to your ability to quickly respond to changing dynamics in your market – you can hold Vergent Products accountable.

Your team at Vergent Products will go to work immediately to identify risks and opportunities to elevate your return on your investment. The company believes their responsibility is to anticipate challenges, explore alternatives and deliver the most effective and efficient approach possible.

When you work with Vergent Products you will find promises kept, mutual trust shared and an uncommon dedication to your mission.

TDP, Inc.
TDP, Inc.

The process of continually elevating return

The promise of success requires a systemic, replicable and comprehensive approach. Vergent's proprietary Product Delivery System offers a multi-dimensional view of your products’ development cycles. Success begins with thinking differently about the assignment, working differently and delivering the benefits to you.

TDP, Inc.


Fit assessment
Client requirements review
Client setup
Project setup
Project launch
Client relationship building
Client feedback

Design planning
Product specification
Product development
Design for excellence plan
Design execution
Design reviews
Design verification
Product validation

Potential problem analysis
Build documentation
Workmanship training
Product training
Resource planning
Build execution
Quality variance review
Schedule variance review
Cost/profit variance review

Product lifecycle planning
Defect root cause analysis
Preventive action
Design feedback
Manufacturing feedback

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