We are Vogtlin Massflow USA, your Partner for intelligent and innovative gas flow measurement and control instrumentation.

Swiss Quality Manufacturing
Vogtlin is a Swiss designer and manufacturer of precision flow instrumentation. Since 1986 we provide high-quality products and solutions for your measuring and control tasks. Our thermal mass flow meters (MFM) and mass flow controllers (MFC) for gases with digital and analog output and IP67/EX protection serve a wide range of applications: analytical, laboratory, pharmaceutical, scientific research, biotech/life science, OEM and other industrial applications.

Strong US Network
Since 2011 Vogtlin is a member of the TASI Flow Network which delivers flow meter, flow control and dispensing solutions. TASI Flow products are developed, customized and serviced through technical centers in the US in Racine, WI and Newcastle, ME and in Europe in Germany, Switzerland and UK. The 3 calibration centers in Europe, Asia and the US allow us to provide full service and application expertise next to the customers door.

Innovative Products based on latest Technology
Our high-precision flow measurement and control devices are based on on high tech semicon MEMS sensor technology. With more than 50,000 devices sold, Vogtlin is a strongly respected global player in this market. This success is coming from our attitude to provide the best products and services and be a part of the customer's success. The Vogtlin Team is looking forward to help you get the best flow solution!

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