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Voltage Multipliers is a world leader in the design and production of high voltage diodes, multipliers and power supplies. Our products are custom designed for military, industrial, medical, aerospace and other high-reliability applications operating at the leading edge of technology.

At VMI, we are committed to quality and service. We are here to assist you throughout the production process, from design development to production manufacturing. We offer extensive testing, design verification, production support and custom design services.

All of VMI’s products are made and 100 percent tested at our facility in Visalia, California, USA. VMI’s quality system is ISO9001:2008 certified.

Voltage Multipliers, Inc.
8711 W. Roosevelt Ave.
Visalia, CA 93291 USA
(559) 651-1402




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About Diode Junctions Guides (Diodes) High-voltage rectification presents unique challenges to the designer. Careful examination of the application requirements is essential when selecting the best solution for size, cost and reliability. (View Full Article)
AN-0100 - Using a VMI Opto-coupler in Conjunction with High Voltage Relays (Optoelectronics) This application is for use in a scanning electron microscope, which has different operating modes. In one mode, a large negative voltage (nominally -10kV) must be applied to an electrode. In the... (View Full Article)