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Since 1956, the WEBER Group has been designing and building various equipment solutions for tough and demanding application needs in the assembly business. We have demonstrated our creativity and motivation which has continuously kept our standards high. For our customers, this means custom designed and engineered systems of the highest possible quality. Today, we continue to push for better, more innovative ways, and frequently we come up with solutions that our competitors have yet to even consider. From the start WEBER has been developing, manufacturing and selling "Technology that connects".

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Case Study: Audi TT Production (Fastening and Joining) Audi GmbH approached Weber Screwdriving Systems Inc. with an application to fasten aluminum and steel together without the use of welding, or riveting... (View Full Article)
Fire Sprinkler Heads (Hand, Power and Assembly Tools) Our customer was in need of a machine capable of feeding set screws that were not symmetrical on either end. We had to develop an intelligent escapement system that could visually inspect each part... (View Full Article)