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Category: Level Sensors
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Whitman Controls specializes in the manufacture of miniature pressure, vacuum, temperature, and liquid level switches. The company prides itself on the diversity and quality of its product offering, proven by its ISO 9001 certification and the industry leadership position the firm has held for over 40 years. As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, we believe in applying the same principles of military service to our every day practices: tireless dedication, rigorous standards of quality, and faithfulness to our values and mission. This translates into providing a high quality product to exact specifications that always exceeds performance expectations.

Whitman is built on our extensive offering of high quality, customized switches. We can build and ship a switch to your exact specifications in two weeks or less, with overnight shipping on in-stock models! Don't choose a competitor switch with inferior versatility and performance when we can take into account your application, media environment, and dozens of other specifications to meet all your performance and application needs.

At Whitman we are fiercely committed to our clients, particularly those who have been loyal partners for the entirety of our 40+ years of existence. Most importantly, we never lose sight of the core values upon which Whitman was built: high quality products with an unrelenting focus on customer service. Thank you for your commitment and loyalty to Whitman Controls over the years. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us directly at 860-583-1847 or info@whitmancontrols.com.

We look forward to building our partnership with you.

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