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Xcentric Mold & Engineering: one of the leading suppliers of rapid injection molding services in the USA, located and made entirely in Michigan. For over 23 years, Xcentric has served the quick-turn, plastic injection molding industry. Xcentric offers Rapid Injection Molding, CNC Machining, and 3D Printing Services. In addition, Xcentric has expanded from the early years of serving solely automotive companies to serving companies from the Fortune 100 to innovative start-ups across industries such as medical, aerospace, defense, automotive, healthcare, electronics and more.

Xcentric Mold & Engineering, which is majority owned by Riverside Capital, has two customized Michigan-based plastic injection molding facilities designed around the Xcentric process philosophy. The technology developed by Xcentric, executed by its team of manufacturing experts, and led by a team of seasoned industry veterans, provides Xcentric’s customers with consistent results under ever shorter timelines. As a result, Xcentric’s customers get their products to market faster than ever.

Xcentric delivers a wide variety of injection molded, CNC machined, and 3D Printed parts in under fifteen (15) business days. Custom online quotes available in less than 24 hours.

1. Streamlined Quote Process
Based upon customer feedback, we have tailored a seamless process from a quote all the way through to parts manufacturing. Our Technical Specialists are highly experienced in all areas of the plastic injection molding process. From design tips to material selection suggestions, getting a quote from us is straight forward. We listen to our customers' objectives and formulate a project plan best suited to achieve the desired end result. Our online quote process and customer portal are a convenient way for our customers to manage all aspects of their projects. As a result, our customers can place orders and get updates at any time.

2. Integrated Design Review
We offer a design review and manufacturability analysis for each order. Typically, we confirm the client's design as appropriate and proceed directly to the mold design step. However, if we determine that an area in a client's part can't physically be manufactured or an area will result in an aesthetic issue, we will provide clear feedback and suggestions on what could be done to improve the result. Our objective is to help our clients get the components they desire as close to the original design intent as possible extremely quickly. If we are unsure of being able to deliver technically or in the desired delivery time frame, we inform our clients immediately. Open, transparent, and direct communication is foundational to long term relationships with our clients.

3. In-House Manufacturing Expertise
Our highly skilled designers and mold makers handle complex and extremely time sensitive projects daily. Our state-of-the-art facilities are fully equipped and capable of manufacturing precision molds and injection molded parts in a matter of days. And because of our fully integrated proprietary ERP system we can provide timely updates on every project at any phase. In addition, should our clients request production part reorders we are able to get them back into production in a matter of hours capacity permitting.

4. Xcentric Process Engine
Our scientific approach to injection molding truly sets Xcentric apart. We developed a software expert system to predict the appropriate process parameters for each project based on years of process data and collective team experience captured with every project. We then apply this system to every new project to plan, design, execute, and monitor the injection molding process. Our process engine is used during the production part run in order to provide the technician with the optimal machine parameters to mold a high quality part, even in single digit quantities.

5. Practically No Geometry Limits
At Xcentric, "no geometry limits" means we design molds that will achieve any final geometry that can be injection molded. That means parts can be produced with common complex features such as undercuts, internal and external threads, thin wall molding, insert molding and much more. We do our utmost to achieve the design intent of our clients with few if any modifications. However in the event that a change is required to improve the aesthetics, dimensional accuracy, or other aspect of the molded component, we work closely with the client to minimize time and cost impacts.

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