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Young Powertech Inc. is a producer of hydraulic, electronic and mechanical components for mobile, marine, mining and industrial applications. Young Powertech Inc. was started by people with decades of experience in the field who are dedicated to bringing products and services to the customer at a higher level. Whether you are a project manager or an engineer, Young Powertech has the people, products and information you need regardless of how big the project size may be.

To choose Young Powertech and its technology is to entrust your equipment performance to a secure partner. Their know-how is at the service of their customers. Their experienced engineers will work side by side with yours to achieve the best result when designing new equipment. Their goal is to offer new solutions.

Thanks to Young Powertech’s many years of experience in the Hydraulic field, they and their suppliers can deliver personalized service for the design and installation of the most demanding applications and focus on ways to reduce costs. Their R&D department can work together with the customer to develop and personalize any high technological application. Young Powertech and its suppliers are focused on developing new products based on customer demand, to solve problems, reduce cost and to fill increasing requirements on performance in an ever changing market.

Young Powertech Inc.

Products Include:

• Orbital Motors
• Gearboxes
• Radial Piston Motors
• Variable Flow Controls
• Slewng Drives
• Electronic Controls & Joysticks
• Gear Reducers
• Planetary Drives
• Gear Pumps
• Swing Drives
• Steering Valves
• Rotary Manifolds

Young Powertech's vision is to become one of the most complete manufacturers for their customers in order to reduce cost, while improving the performance of their applications and customer service. Young Powertech would like to become the hydraulic motor manufacturer of choice.

Young Powertech's mission is to deliver the best product, services and prices to their customers while creating long term partnerships and relationships with companies and individuals around the world. The ability to customize their motors to fit your exact needs is what helps separate them from the crowd.

Young Powertech Inc.
Young Powertech Inc.

Young Powertech Inc.


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