ZBA, Inc.
ZBA Inc. is a global provider of data-capture solutions for retail supply chains, healthcare, logistics, warehousing and distribution and many more. Its broad array of products and services include point-of-sale scanning, warehousing & distribution, and wireless networking.

Over the years ZBA Inc. (formerly known as ZEBEX America Inc.) has been involved in the design and development of customized products beyond data collection products. At the same time we are the exclusive distributor of ZEBEX bar code and data collection products in North America.

Our development programs covered a wide variety of applications from machine vision inspection machines to RFID debit card applications and anti-counterfeit intellectual property.

We continue to expand our offerings and offer our customers the best in emerging technologies. The leadership position we have established and maintained by building innovative data capture products and tech support with first class customer service will continue.

ZBA, Inc.
Wireless technologies make all types of communication much easier. From Bluetooth to Zigbee to RFID, ZBA delivers the wireless products of choice to businesses worldwide. ZBA brings the world freedom from the constraints of wires. Wireless technologies make all types of communication much easier. ZBA, Inc.

ZBA, Inc.
Customer satisfaction has been an essential part of founding principles and it is a quality that above all else, we are constantly striving to improve. We deliver products, service and support with unmatched reliability.

ZBA has been delivering a wide variety of Auto ID products for more then 17 years. We provide barcode scanners with high reliability linear imagers that meet or exceed the performance of most laser scanners. We supply products that range from wand scanners to highly integrated dual lasers scanners to miniature programmable data collectors with an integral display.
ZBA, Inc.

ZBA, Inc.
Highly motivated and well funded criminals are the enemy. ZBA's ongoing research on Optically Variable Devices (OVD) and Automatic Authentication Equipment has lead to numerous patent protected solutions. Partner with ZBA to defeat the counterfeiters. ZBA, Inc.

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