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Category: Liquid Handling Pumps
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A worldwide leader in fan and motor technology, ebm-papst Inc., in Farmington, CT., is the US subsidiary of the parent company established in 1963 in Mulfingen, Germany. ebm-papst has a presence in every major market worldwide, providing local service and support with more than 50 subsidiaries globally. Founded in 1981, ebm-papst Inc. has been a true success story in North America. Our highly-skilled and experienced team of professionals is ready to tackle any air moving challenge and offer solutions that best meet our customer needs. Our investments in R&D projects lead to innovative technologies that set new industry standards.

With a comprehensive portfolio of more than 15,000 products, we offer the right solution for almost every air technology and drive engineering task. Our markets include Agriculture, Air-conditioning, Alternative Energy, Appliance, Commercial Refrigeration, Data Center, Heating, Industrial & Medical, IT/Telecom, LED, Transportation, and Ventilation. Product offering also consists of integrated assemblies that incorporate components for fan trays and blower boxes, as well as client-based contract manufacturing requirements

ebm-papst is an innovator in EC technology – EC motors are AC line operated DC motors with flexibility to connect to AC mains with the efficiency and simple speed control of a DC motor. GreenTech is the symbol of our company philosophy: developing and manufacturing eco-friendly products. EC technology and GreenTech results in products with exceptional energy efficiency.

Our products are long term assets where return on investment is realized through the energy efficiency, quality, and longevity of our products. Quality management is uncompromised and confirmed by our certification of compliance with the international standards DFIN EN ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949-2 and the standard DIN EN ISO 14001. Since 2008, ebm-papst has garnered 36 industry awards for research and development, sustainability, energy efficiency, product design, environmental stewardship, communications, value analysis, and business innovation.

ebm-papst’s experienced application engineers customize application specific air moving solution for your needs. Our on-site testing lab is available to our customers for product/prototype testing. We offer air flow, acoustic, environmental (including Salt Fog chambers), and temperature testing, in addition to burn-in ovens.

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