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Category: Level Transmitters
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Simply the Most Reliable Coolant Sensor Made

Gems Sensors & Controlsis a leading manufacturer of a broad portfolio of liquid level, flow and pressure sensors, miniature solenoid valves, solid-state electronics and systems.

Decades of application engineering experience has given Gems the knowledge required to deliver tailored products that measure up to today's most sophisticated and critical applications. Working around the world with global resources, and to exact customer application and manufacturing requirements, products from Gems Sensors & Controls are used in almost every industry from Medical to Waste Water Treatment, Semiconductor Fabrication to Oil and Gas , Off-Highway Vehicles to Alternative and Renewable Energy.

Gems Sensors & Controls As a solutions company, Gems provides more than just sensor products. Decades of application engineering provides the perspective and experience to quickly design, prototype, build and deliver quality level, flow and pressure sensors, miniature solenoid valves, sub-assemblies and systems. Whether it's modifying a standard component, working with your design or creating something completely new, the goal is to produce a quality product that is cost effective, minimizes complexity, and improves the overall value and performance of your equipment.

There's a good chance they've already dealt with the design criteria you're working on and will probably have a product solution available right off the shelf. That saves you both time and money! And if your application calls for a more customized solution, Gems Sensors & Controls will meet your requirements by modifying an existing product or designing a completely new sensor, sub-assembly or fluidic system. At Gems, "off–the–shelf" doesn't mean end–of–story!

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Fluidic Management Case Study: Addressing Challenges with a Customized Fluidic System (Level Sensing) A medical OEM designer wanted to design a waste management system that would fit into their existing footprint while also maximizing the amount of waste held by the bottle. They also needed to protect... (View Full Article)
Gems Sensors Supports Project to Set New World Land Speed Record of 1000 mph (Flow Sensing) The current land speed record is 763.035 mph. The BLOODHOUND SSC Project hopes to set a new record of 1000 mph. Accomplishing such a feat requires a substantial amount of thrust - 47,500lbs of thrust... (View Full Article)