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Category: Dry Material (Powders) Level Sensors
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Ultrasonic Sensing/Control Is Our Only Business

Since 1979, Migatron has used this advanced technology to solve difficult sensing/control problems in a broad range of industries. Ultrasonics is being widely accepted because it has distinct advantages over conventional sensors. Successful applications range from simple, high-speed bottle counting and level detection to very sophisticated closed-loop process control.


Experience with so many successful applications has enabled Migatron to standardize - and thus dramatically reduce sensor costs. The field-tested units shown in this catalog have been meeting very diverse needs. Each basic sensor is available with options to accommodate more stringent operating requirements. Options include: sealed transducers, high gain, hysteresis control, separate transmit/receive transducers, analog outputs and multi-channel systems. If a standard sensor with options can't do the job, Migatron will design special units to meet unusual requirements.

Ultrasonic Reliability

Compare this performance with any conventional sensors you've ever used: Several Migatron ultrasonic sensors installed in 1980 in an automated conveyor system have been operating continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without a breakdown! Migatron also has a full one year warranty on all sensors. The following pages define ultrasonics as applied to sensing/control functions. Some common applications are described. If you need help in selecting the optimum ultrasonic sensor, please call us.

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Understanding Ultrasonics (Proximity or Presence Sensing) Ultrasonic signals are like audible sound waves, except the frequencies are much higher. Our ultrasonic transducers have piezoelectric crystals which resonate to a desired frequency and convert... (View Full Article)