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Category: Signal Amplifiers
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Spectron Glass and Electronics Inc. Spectron Glass and Electronics Incorporated has been designing and manufacturing tilt sensor andinclinometer products for more than 60 years. Widely recognized as the industry leader, our tilt sensor products can be found in most of the free worlds' jet aircraft, and in various avionics, guidance and navigation systems. Other tilt sensor applications include geotechnical measurements, construction lasers, oceanographic, security systems and digital compass correction. Our inclinometer products serve numerous applications in the industrial marketplace such as crane safety systems, antenna positioning, jetways and platform leveling systems to name a few.

Spectron Glass and Electronics Inc.Spectron Glass & Electronics Inc, currently located in Hauppauge, New York on Long Island, was founded in 1947 as Spectron Glass Laboratories. Originally established as a neon sign manufacturer, the focus of the company rapidly changed direction. In 1948, under contract from the Sperry Gyroscope Co., Spectron started to build electrolytic tilt sensors. Realizing the vast potential of the sensor market, Spectron discontinued the neon sign business, and dedicated itself exclusively to the development and manufacture of electrolytic tilt sensors.

In 1949, Spectron Glass & Electronics emerged, producing state of the art tilt sensors for both the military and commercial marketplaces. Spectron tilt sensors have been designed into most of the free worlds jet aircraft, both fixed and rotary wing. Spectron tilt sensors have also provided gravity reference for torpedoes, missiles, land navigation, ship antennas, microwave landing systems, and a host of other applications.

Beginning in the early 1980's, the industrial market place began using large quantities of tilt sensors. Spectron, having extensive custom design knowledge and capabilities, proceeded to design high accuracy tilt sensors for the self leveling construction laser and automotive wheel alignment systems markets.

Spectron Glass and Electronics Inc.In 1989 Spectron expanded its product offerings to include signal conditioners and inclinometers. Designed by our sister company, Spectron Systems Technology (SST), these products offer analog, digital or switching type outputs to satisfy varying applications. Spectron later introduced the highly successful SPECTROTILTtm Electronic Inclinometer, whose features include a proprietary glass-ceramic hybrid sensing element, robust packaging and ESD/EMI protection. More recently, models incorporating on-board linearity and temperature compensation were introduced, which offer unrivaled performance, thereby cementing Spectrons' position as a premier supplier within the industry.

By 1990, Spectron had started development on its unique SH series of CERAMIC tilt sensors. Designed as a lower cost alternative to the high precision glass based sensors, this product offers a superior performance/cost ratio.

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Electrolytic Tilt Sensors and Inclinometers: A Primer - Sensors Online Magazine, September 2004 (Tilt Sensing) The term tilt sensor is often used to identify a large variety of devices that measure, indicate, or otherwise provide a signal of some type when tilted from (or to) a level position, using gravity as... (View Full Article)