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Category: Signal Conditioners
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For over a quarter of a century, Trans-Tek has been a leading manufacturer of linear and angular displacement, and linear velocity transducers. When it comes to solving your measurement problems, Trans-Tek engineers, with their extensive experience, can offer you the very best transducer selection and application support. Their complete manufacturing facility is geared to quickly respond to your needs - whether they involve a standard product or a custom solution. Trans-Tek's research and development program is continually expanding their product line to meet your ever changing application demands. Trans-Tek employees, and the worldwide network of technical representatives providing a local connection to their products, are committed to earning your complete satisfaction. The company's continuing goal is to provide the highest quality, accuracy and reliability in products that measure up to your toughest sensing applications and delivery requirements.

The Products

Linear Displacement Transducers (LVDTs)

LVDT stands for Linear Variable Differential Transformer. The transducer consists of a primary coil and two secondary coils, and a ferro-magnetic core. The primary is excited with an AC excitation voltage, and the core links the generated electromagnetic field to the secondaries. The difference of the secondaries correlates to the position of the core relative to the coils. Trans-Tek LVDTs are available in strokes from ±0.005" to 60", with non-linearities as low as 0.1 % of full scale. Units are available with the core free and unguided, or in spring loaded configurations. For ease of use, several models contain an integral oscillator/demodulator, allowing DC in - DC out operation. Miniature, High Temperature, Pressure and Vacuum Tolerant versions are available. The products are well suited for OEM or end-user applications such as: hydraulic cylinder displacement, load deflection sensors, roller or press height, etc. These transducers are vital to any application requiring an absolute, high resolution and accuracy, rugged linear position feedback sensor.

Angular Displacement Transducers (ADTs)

Trans-Tek, Inc.Trans-Tek Angular Displacement Transducers are based on capacitive technology. The sensing element consists of a rotor connected to a shaft and two stators. The capacitor is powered by a high frequency AC voltage, and the resulting capacitance between the rotor and each stator is differenced. As the shaft moves, the capacitive difference changes, which correlates to absolute angular displacement. All signal conditioning circuitry is packaged inside the unit for DC in - DC out operation. The ADTs are available in measurement ranges to 300°, and with non-linearity as low an 0.05% of full scale. High level DC output is suitable for input directly into a number of different readout devices, including PLCs, A/D boards, or DC volt meters. Typical applications include dancer arm feedback, steering controls, and robotics. This sensor is unique to Trans-Tek, and is a cost effective alternative to absolute encoders, rotary potentiometers, and resolvers.

Linear Velocity Transducers (LVTs)

The linear velocity transducers operate on an inductive principle, providing an output voltage proportional to instantaneous velocity when a magnet is pulled through a coil. The output is self generating, requiring no input voltage for operation. The units are available in ranges to 24", and will measure velocity up to 14,000 inches/second. Typical applications include: Seismology measurements, Ram speed on injection molding machines, Shock profiles, etc.

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