DB-9 Pocketester™ -- Model 51
from Data Connect Enterprise, Inc.

The Patton Model 51 DB-9 PockeTester ™ monitors the seven most important async EIA-574 (RS-232 on a DB-9) data and control lines. The Model 51 uses seven tri-state LEDs to indicate the presence of the following signals: TD, RD, DTR, DSR, RTS, CTS and DCD. A red light = Mark, a green light =... [See More]

  • Cable: Serial; DB-9
  • Configuration: Handheld
  • Test Points: 7
205 -- Model 205 [Model 205 from B&K Precision]
from ValueTronics International, Inc.

The B+K Precision Model 205 Universal Cable / Harness Tester tests just about any cable or harness in fractions of a second. It is a compact, stand alone unit that can be used for any type of wired assembly. Opens, shorts and miswires are detected immediately. The universal adapter card offers... [See More]

  • Cable: LAN / Ethernet; Serial; Cat 3; Cat 5; Cat 6
  • Configuration: Handheld
  • Test Points: ? to 128
Network/PC Cable Tester -- 206 [206 from B&K Precision]
from All-Spec Industries

The BK Precision 206 is a network/PC cable tester with reverse mode. [See More]

  • Cable: FireWire (IEEE 1394); LAN / Ethernet; Serial; USB; Cat 3; Cat 5; Cat 6; Coaxial
  • Configuration: Handheld
Signature® -- 1000H+
from Cirris Systems Corp.

Test Point Range: 128-1024. Test Voltage: 5VDC, 6mA max current. Hipot Range: 1000: 50-1000VDC (50-700VAC optional). 1500: 50-1500VDC (50-1000VAC optional). Connection Resistance Range: 0.1-100K Ω, also 500K Ω, 1M Ω, 5M Ω. Insulation Resistance Range: 5M-1000M ohm. 4-Wire... [See More]

  • Cable: FireWire (IEEE 1394); LAN / Ethernet; Parallel; SCSI; Serial; USB; Cat 3; Coaxial; Twisted Pair; VME, DIN
  • Test Resistance: 0.1000 to 100000
  • Test Points: 128 to 512
  • Voltage: 5
Ideal 350MHz Lantek® 6B Basic Kit -- LANTEK6B [LANTEK6B from Ideal Industries, Inc.]
from Fotronic Corporation / Test Equipment Depot

Level III accurate, soft carrying case [See More]

  • Cable: Serial; USB; Cat 3; Cat 5; Cat 6
  • Test Resistance: 0.0 to 200
  • Test Points: 1 to 2
  • Configuration: Handheld