Thickness Calibration Block Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Supplies and Accessories Datasheets

Copper Beryllium Calibration Foil -- Z01.005/C
from Fischer Technology, Inc.

A broad assortment of calibration standards is available from Fischer. These are available as pure element foils, as single or dual coating standards and as complete standard calibration sets. Helmut Fischer is accredited as a DKD calibration lab according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. Size: 12.5 um [See More]

  • Standards: Thickness Calibration Block
Standard Membrane -- 001-3700
from Cygnus Instruments, Inc.

Polyurethane, 20 pk, 19mm [See More]

  • Standards: Thickness Calibration Block
Coating Thickness Standards -- TSF-20
from Electromatic Equipment Co., Inc./Checkline & Pioneer Electric Div.

Ferrous coatings, NIST certified, 0.00, 2.00, 10.00, and 20.00 mils [See More]

  • Standards: Thickness Calibration Block

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