Feeder Welding Accessories Datasheets

K-BUG 1000 Compact Fillet Welder -- K Bug 1000
from BUG-O Systems, Inc.

The Bug-O Fill-It digital, compact fillet welder is a compact straight line travel carriage. Creating continuous or intermittent "stitch" welds at a constant travel speed, produces high quality, uniform welds in a fraction of the time required for manual welding. Regulated travel speed eliminates... [See More]

  • Accessory: Feeder
Gas/Air Cooled, Trackless Welding Carriage w/ Integrated Wire Feeder - Gas/Air Cooled -- GM-04-100-G
from Gullco International Limited

Carriage Features: - Integrated Wire Feeder for Improved Effiecency and Productivity. - Holds up to 12 ” Diameter Spools. - Continuous or Stitch Welding Modes. - Step Back Feature Reduces Weld Cracks. - Programmable Control. Additional carriage options are available: - Lap Weld Guide Wheels. -... [See More]

  • Accessory: Feeder
DH-10 16 ft Generic Boom Package Wire Feeder -- K1521-7
from Lincoln Electric Co. (The)

Top Features. Rugged drive roll design. Presettable voltage and wire feed speed. Selectable trigger control. Five welding process control and timer functions [See More]

  • Accessory: Feeder
  • Process / Type: Semiautomatic Wire Feeders
Accessories for Seelye Welding Guns -- 42020
from U.S. Plastic Corporation

Use these assessories with your Seelye welding gun or kits to provide even more ways to acquire your welding needs. [See More]

  • Accessory: Feeder
  • Process / Type: Multi-process