Weld Backing Welding Accessories Datasheets

Weld Backing Tape -- THERMOPAK®
from Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc.

THERMOPAK ® GD AND GDX Weld Backing Tapes are excellent for use in one-side fusion butt welding of aluminum and magnesium alloy plate and structures to produce a use-ready contamination-free weld of high uniformity with the addition of filler wire. Manufactured of flexible lightweight double... [See More]

  • Accessory: Weld Backing
Non-Metallic Weld Backing -- CSM-1001
from BUG-O Systems, Inc.

Bug-O Systems weld backings are non metallic, non hygroscopic, neutral, and unlike metal backing bars, do not become part of the finished weld. When properly positioned and attached to the back side of a weld joint, your welds can be free of defects eliminating rework and cleanup associated with... [See More]

  • Accessory: Weld Backing
Katbak Ceramic Weld Backing -- 1G13-RD
from Gullco International Limited

As a manufacturer and distributor of ceramics, Gullco can provide you with a KATBAK ceramic weld backing to meet your needs. If you don't see the ceramic you need in this brochure contact Gullco or your Gullco distributor to discuss your specific requirement. Impart X-ray Quality Back Beads On Root... [See More]

  • Accessory: Weld Backing
Backing Ring -- CC
from Robvon Backing Ring Company, Inc.

Designed primarily for automatic welding and to allow quick and easy joint alignment where the inside diameters are slightly out-of-round. Nubs can be chipped off or left intact to be melted into first root pass. [See More]

  • Accessory: Weld Backing; Backing Ring