Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL) Logic Encoders Datasheets

4670776 [HCS200/SN from Microchip Technology, Inc.]
from RS Components, Ltd.

The HCS series of KeeLoq encoders/decoders work with Ir or RF transmitter and receiver devices to make secure 3- or 4-button wireless remote control systems. Applications: Automotive RKE systems, Automotive alarm systems, Automotive immobilizers, Gate & garage door openers, Identity tokens, Burglar... [See More]

  • Logic Family: TTL; CMOS
  • Package Type: SOIC
  • Supply Voltage: 13 V
  • Number of Pins: 8
8-Input Priority Encoder -- 54148/E,F
from Lansdale Semiconductor, Inc.

The 5400/7400 series of transistor-transistor logic consists of medium speed TTL integrated circuits. This high noise immunity family was designed for general digital logic applications requiring clock frequencies to 30MHz and switching speeds in the 12-15 ns range under moderate capacitive loading. [See More]

  • Logic Family: TTL
  • Supply Voltage: 7 V
  • Input Lines: 8
  • Features: Priority Encoder