CAS DataLoggers

Accsense Monitoring systems are ideal to monitor filling machine cleanrooms, ISO 5 product fill cleanrooms, test sample incubation, non-sterile manufacturing, and more. Accsense is a complete cleanroom validation solution that automatically records, stores and trends your environmental data. Read more...

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The UM-600 monitors up to 6 channels of any analog signal plus engine speed and hours and provides an alarm and two different shutdown signal upon user-defined set-points being exceeded. Read more...

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  • High resolution 320 x 240 color LCD, clear high contrast screen
  • 7 analog, 2 digital, and 1 signal inputs
  • 4 relay outputs
  • Full sunlight readable with maximum brightness of 750 NIT (cd/m2)
  • User configurable single and quadruple screens
  • 5 soft keys provide easy, full local configuration
  • Select digital values, analog gauges,....

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Our 6 and 24 channel products are ideal for shutdown protection on engines. Our Air/Fuel ratio controls and catalyst monitor provide the latest in emissions controls and monitoring. CSA approvals are standard. Read more...

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Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation

The new Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5380 controller from Rockwell Automation provides more precision, connectivity and up to 20 percent more application capacity than previous CompactLogix versions. The controller is ideal for high-speed packaging applications where fast response times are critical to keep production running smoothly. Read more...

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Joyce/Dayton Corp.

Synchronous Controls by Joyce are an ideal choice for the smooth operation of multi-jack lifting system. When the use of shafting is NOT an option, choose synchronous custom controls designed to meet your specific lifting system and travel speed requirements. Read more...

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Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.

Demand for operational efficiencies such as greater visualization into a factory’s automation solutions portfolio has prompted Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. to introduce its latest human machine interface (HMI). The GT25 Wide HMI is an interface that monitors and controls machine components with a graphical touchscreen that connects to equipment such as PLCs, VFDs and servos... Read more...

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Aerotech, Inc.

4U high, rack-mount, six-axis controller for brush, brushless, and stepper motors

Ideal for controlling six-axis robotic systems like hexapods

Real-time A3200 distributed control architecture allows synchronized motion on up to 32 axes

FireWire® or ASCII command interface via TCP/IP

Program in native RS-274 G-c...

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Delta Products Corporation

Delta’s small size servo motors now integrate IP67 connectors to provide more options to machine designers. Servo motors within this line range from 100W to 750W, include standard spring-bound shaft seals and utilize Intercontec connectors that are shielded throughout. The motor comes plug-n-play with the A2 Intelligent or B2 Economy series servo drives for a complete servo motion... Read more...

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