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Parts by Number for Industrial Photocell Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
622356 PLC Radwell Wer Industrial Sensors & Switches, Photoelectric PHOTOCELL ASSEMBLY

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  • The Photoelectric Sensor Tutorial
    . Photoelectric sensors are also referred to as photo eye, photodetector, photo sensor, photocell, opto sensor, electric eye and sensor eye. These terms have all been used to describe photoelectric sensors. You will find this tutorial useful if you are: A novice to industrial controls. Curious about
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    + terminal |/| Suitable diodes for this application are 1N4148 and 1N4001 (or any other general purpose diode). The diode adds about 0.7V to the voltage drop in the input. Computer controlling circuits Typical computer control outputs (centronics port and industrial I/O cards) give out TTL level