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  • Flexible Couplings-Image
    Flexible Couplings - (458 companies)
    Flexible couplings connect rotating members while allowing some degree of angular or parallel misalignment. Flexible couplings couple or connect rotating members such as motors and drive shafts while allowing misalignment in either angular...
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  • Aerospace Contactors-Image
    Aerospace Contactors - (10 companies)
    Aerospace contactors are high-performance, high-capacity, circuit controls designed for aerospace applications. Aerospace contactors are high-performance, high-capacity circuit controls designed for aerospace applications. They are used to switch...
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  • Rigid Couplings-Image
    Rigid Couplings - (203 companies)
    Rigid couplings connect rotating members such as shafts. They secure onto both members and provide transmission of torque and motion. Rigid couplings connect rotating members such as shafts and transmit torque and motion. Most rigid couplings...
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    Fluid Couplings - (42 companies)
    Fluid couplings are torque-transmitting couplings that use hydraulic oil or water to transmit power. They differ from torque converters in that the input torque is equal to the output torque (no multiplication of torque). Fluid couplings are much...
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    Aerospace Services - (700 companies)
    Aerospace services provide design, engineering, testing, maintenance, repair, and manufacturing services to the aerospace industry. They provide field services, overhauls and repairs, advisory services and assistance, and training systems...
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    Aerospace Bearings - (97 companies)
    Aerospace bearings are designed to meet the rigorous demands of aircraft control and aerospace applications. Aerospace bearings are designed to meet the rigorous demands of aircraft control and aerospace applications. They are usually manufactured...
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    Magnetic Couplings - (18 companies)
    Magnetic couplings are non-contact couplings which use a magnetic field to transmit torque from one rotating member to another. Magnetic couplings are non-contact couplings that use a magnetic field to transfer torque, force or movement from one...
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    Inductive Couplings - (16 companies)
    Inductive couplings are used in the non-contact transmission of electrical power or electronic signals through stationary, rotating, or moving equipment via an inductive connection. Inductive couplings are used in the noncontact transmission...
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    Metal Bellows - (140 companies)
    ...annular convolutions. Suppliers of metal bellows can often provide assembly services. Applications for metal bellows include: Aerospace. Automotive. Chemical. Motion coupling. Fluid coupling. Electrical contacts. HVAC. High purity. Marine...
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    Magnetic Drive Pumps - (262 companies)
    Magnetic drive pumps are sealless pumps that use a coaxial magnetic coupling to transmit torque to an impeller. A standard electric motor drives a set of permanent magnets that are mounted on a carrier or drive assembly. Magnetic drive pumps...
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  • Analysis of the contact stresses in curvic couplings of gas turbine in a blade-off event
    …Taylor, “A validation of the three-dimensional finite element contact method for use with curvic couplings by comparing predictions with photoelastic test data,” in: Coupling and Shaft Technology for Aerospace Transmissions Seminar (June 9, 1999, Solihull) ( Lucas Electrical and Electric Systems).
  • JSF- Joint Strike Fighter
    By mid-1996, the gas- coupled fan had been eliminated, and Allison Engines (now rebranded as Rolls-Royce Corporation) had started … the shaft-driven LiftFan® (registered name, see under that company in US section), and selected Lucas Aerospace (now TRW Lucas Aerospace…
  • A Practical Guide to Compressor Technology 2nd Edition
    FIGURE 14.10 Modified Goodman diagram for high-performance contoured diaphragm cou- plings . .... ( Lucas Aerospace Company, Utica, N.Y.) .
  • Maintenance Engineering Handbook, Eighth Edition > FLEXIBLE COUPLINGS FOR POWER TRANSMISSION
    Single-element diaphragm coupling . .... ( Lucas Aerospace Corporation.) .
  • Compressors and Modern Process Applications
    Single contoured-diaphragm couplings (Fig. 4-3), are of great importance to reliability-focused process plants. .... Al- though now primarily manufactured by B. F. Goodrich, they are still commonly known by the original trade name “Ben- dix” (which was purchased by Lucas Aerospace , then TRW, and now B. F. Goodrich).
    Other solutions include radar, laser and IR detectors coupled to obscurant dispensers such as MMW chaff, IR .... Marconi Defence Systems showed the latest version of its Tank Anti‐Missile System (TAMS) which has been developed with the collaboration of Lucas Aerospace and Royal Ordnance, (IDR 1/1989 pp.53‐7).
    Defence exports are now experiencing the effect of relatively stronger sterling and, coupled with the high internal interest rates, this makes competitive tendering difficult, although the component manufacturers such as Dowty, Lucas and Smiths are improving performance noticeably. .... The major unsettling move is the proposed bid by British Aerospace for the beleaguered car manufacturer Rover…
    Lucas Industries, with an increasing stake in defence business, frightened the market by announcing higher profits coupled with a PDS163 million ($US297 million) rights issue but no specific acquisition target, although there is speculation there might be a bid for Dowty at .... Also, the government has allowed British Aerospace to acquire the written‐down assets of the Rover Group on…
  • High-temperature sheet materials for gas turbine applications
    …further the service range of traditional sheet alloys, while developments in component design coupled with the introduction .... Data established by Lucas Aerospace Materials Research and .
  • Comparison of electrical drive technologies for aircraft flight control surface actuation
    A multi- dimensional reluctance network for a switched reluctance machine, including mutual coupling of phases and saturation .... The model was validated by comparing with time-stepping finite element results obtained independently by Lucas Aerospace .