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  • Enhancing Electronic Displays in High-Ambient Light Conditions (.pdf)
    with operating LCDs in high-ambi-. 5 to 1. ent light conditions – especially direct. sunlight, which is common in marine,. military and outdoor kiosk applications. – to maintain readability and clear heat. Richard Paynton. build up. High-ambient light conditions are. present when the amount
  • GenFlective TM Technology
    As more and more flat panel displays (LCD, OLED, Plasma) find their way into outdoor applications, the need becomes far greater for them to not only be able to withstand severe temperature extremes (heat and cold) and solar radiation, but the display must also be readable when exposed to extreme
  • RTO Technical Specifications
    . The main control shall be free standing, NEMA _______ (4 (outdoor) or 12 (indoor)) construction. The control cabinet shall be fabricated from 12 gauge mild steel. The exterior shall receive two. (2) coats of OEM gray finish paint and the interior shall be painted gloss white. The control panel
  • Recent Improvements in Process GC Instrumentation (.pdf)
    Maintainance. Data Processing of Concentrations. X (Div. 1) or Z purge (Div. 2). Outdoor Locations-. 12/4/2008. PID Analyzers, LLC. GC Detectors. PID- hydrocarbons ( >C4), inorganic. species H2S, NH3, PH3, etc. at ppb to. ppm levels (ppb-%). FID- specific for hydrocarbons (ppm-%). FPD- specific for S or P (ppb