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ANSYS Mechanical Structural Linear or Nonlinear & Dynamics...
Simulation Technology Systems & Multiphysics Simulation Process & Data Management All Products
See ANSYS, Inc. Information

11th International LS-DYNA Conference — Free Download of...
Development of Parachute Simulation Techniques in LS-DYNA

9th International LS-DYNA Conference — Free Download of...
Home ? 9th International LS-DYNA Conference

(a) (b)
LS-DYNA, for a nominal fee of $500 per calendar year, provides an unlimited number of software licenses to the Structural Engineering Department at
See National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) Information

Finite Mass Simulation Techniques in LS-DYNA
2011-2592 23 - 26 May 2011, Dublin, Ireland Finite Mass Simulation Techniques in LS-DYNA? Ben Tutt1 and Scott Roland2 Airborne Systems North America,
See Airborne Systems Information

key features: 1) Simulation of the lander as a rigid body 2) LS-DYNA fabric model for the airbag fabric elements (Mat 34) 3) LS-DYNA airbag model for
See Airborne Systems Information

Langley Research Center Session IX: Sample Return Challenges...
Aerodynamic stability: ? extensive 6-DOF simulation development ? hypersonic wind tunnel testing ? ballistic range and subsonic stability tests

National Aeronautics and Space Administration NESC N A S A E N...
Coupled loads models for launch (using Nastran), landing models with LS-DYNA, performance and damping mechanism value.
See NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Information

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Engineering Test...
16 Models, Simulation, and Software ................................................................................................. 18 Thermal

CEI - Creators of EnSight Visualization Software - Featured...
LS-DYNA FSI analysis and real world testing of next generation US Army Mass Tactical Assault Parachute. Featured Image - Parachute | Print | E-mail

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