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E-Z-HOOK has promoted these products/services:

E-Z-HOOK - Test Hooks, Mini to Macro

E-Z-Hook manufacturers a complete line to test hooks that can be used individually or connected to test leads and cable assemblies. Our product line has micro sized options, insulation piercing hooks, and larger macro test hooks for industrial applications. We offer single and double hook options, RoHS compliant, various hook bend options, and much more. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Long Handles Test Probes

E-Z-Hook manufacturers a complete product line of test probes and test cables. Select from our long-handled test probes, variable spacing, and needle or pin tip probes. All probes are available on test leads as well as coxial cable options. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Panel Mounts

E-Z-Hook Manufacturers panel mounts and binding posts with banana sockets and 0.080 pin tip sockets. Our range of components includes miniature, standard and double panel mounts. Panel mounts are available in 10 colors and manufacturered in the USA. Products are available as RoHS Compliant. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Flexible Test Wire Spools

E-Z-Hook offers multi-stranded flexible test lead wire, coaxial cable and ribbon cable. Wire is available in various gauges, insulations, and colors. Our extensive line of coaxial cables accommodates the testing needs of our clients with the highest quality at affordable prices. Wire and cable is available in spools of 100, 500 and 1000 feet. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Harness Board and Test Terminals

E-Z-Nailclip™ test terminals and bread boarding kits are ideal for holding wire ends firmly in place. The simple fingertip operation makes connections hassle-free. Offering a variety of designs our nailclips provide efficient harness board construction. Harness board nails are available in various sizes, from 1.25" to 5" in length and with varying diameters. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - E-Z-Flex Test Adapter Kits

E-Z-Flex connectors are available individually or as a test connector kit of 16 unique pins and sockets in red and black. These electrical test adapters are available individually in four distinct pin and socket sizes. All gold plated pin and socket flexible test adapters are available with either a banana socket (banana jack) on one side or a 0.080" sockets connector. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Coaxial Connectors

E-Z-Hook supplies a complete line of coaxial connectors and adapters. Our full product line includes BNC Male and Female connectors, SMA and SMB connectors, "N" Series connectors, UHF, TNC and LOC connectors. We manufacture many adapters between serious and also offer a complete line of coaxial test cables and assemblies. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Custom test lead kits with unique coding

This test lead set was made for an elevator service and repair company. The test leads were made to a specific length and numberical heat shrink tubing was added for identification of all parts within each specific kit. The kit included several different leads and required customized packaging and labels for the client. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - For the demands of the medical field.

E-Z-Hook produces standard and custom test leads and cable assembles for use with medical and dental equipment. We have manufactured many of our standard hooks in high temperature resistant material to withstand the ongoing sterilization and autoclaving demands of the medical field. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Insulation-piercing hook for the auto industry

In the late 1980's E-Z-Hook entered the automotive industry with the insulation-piercing hook. Today we offer a wide variety of automotive specific test accessories, DMM test leads, sets, and kits. Parts are engineered with no sliding contacts to guarantee an accurate signal every time--even in the dirtiest, greasiest environments. (read more)