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E-Z-HOOK has promoted these products/services:

E-Z-HOOK - E-Z-Hook for Your Medical and Dental Equipment.

E-Z-Hook produces standard and custom test leads and cable assembles for use with medical and dental equipment. We have manufactured many of our standard hooks in high temperature resistant material to withstand the ongoing sterilization and autoclaving demands of the medical field. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - The XMR Micro-Hook is a Small Test Hook

The XMR Micro-Hook is a small test hook designed specifically for multiple side by side hook-ups to miniature components and delicate wires. The narrow body design and wide single blade provide a superior test connection and lower resistance on delicate connections. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - WB6 & WB14 Wall Brackets Launch in a New Color

Our popular test and cable holder wall brackets are now made in black and available in two sizes. They are easily mounted to any wall or surface. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Test Probe...Long-Handled

E-Z-Hook offers a wide variety of long-handled probe test leads and a variety of interchangeable tip options and fuses if requested. We can provide our long-handled probes with a variety of connectors, wire types and wire lengths. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK -  PVC Test Wire...Extra Flexible

E-Z Hook - Complete offering of 28, 24, 20, 18, 16 and 14 gauge test lead wire available in spools of 100, 500 and 1000 ft. E-Z-Hook offers multi-stranded PVC insulated wire as well as additional options for insulation such as silicone, teflon and rubber.

Select from our wide assortment available in 10 colors (read more)

E-Z-HOOK -  Wire Piercing Clamp...insulation-piercing

E-Z Hook The XB dynamic insulation-piercing wire clamp features a thumb screw for positive contact and maximum stability. With a large needle cluster area the XB can pierce insulated wire up .150" in diameter and as small as a 32 gauge insulated wire. The XB is provided with factory installed leads and is offered with a variety of connector options. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Micro Insulation Piercing Hook

E-Z-Hook's - micro insulation piercing XEP & XEPA are ideal for piercing small wire in a tightly bundled environment. The design centers varying diameter wires of .050" or smaller to ensure proper needle piercing. The insulation-piercing needle is raised and lowered by a thumb screw which once engaged can be left in a secure piercing position. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Insulation Piercing Wire Clamp

The E-Z-Hook Insulation-piercing wire clamp (p/n 82-2) features an alligator-style jaw opening on an 8-32 threaded post. The needle cluster piercing capability is ideal for establishing accurate contact through wire insulation. Wires can be installed for piercing from three different sides and do not need to be stripped for continuity testing. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Standard Banana Socket Panel Mount

E-Z-Hook's most popular banana socket panel mount with turret terminal is available in 10 colors as well as a variety of set combinations an a double panel mount option. Single and double panel mounts are available in a variety of options including .080" tip or pin socket, miniature banana socket and shrouded banana socket options. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Coaxial Connectors

E-Z-Hook offers a full range of Coaxial connectors, adapters and receptacles. All coaxial connectors are available individually or offered in a variety of standard or custom cable assemblies. Our variety of coaxial connectors include BNC male and female connectors, SMA male and female connectors, "N" Series, UHF, TNC, XLR Audio connectors, LOC and SMB. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Banana Plugs

E-Z-Hook offers a broad range of banana plugs for a variety of applications. Our banana plug line includes standard, stacking, miniature, shrouded, right angle and double banana plug options. In addition to banana plugs we have a full range of banana socket connectors as well as a variety of adapters. All connectors are available independently or with factory installed lead hook-up wire. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Harness Board Nails

Harness Board Nails in five different sizes. Tapered point is slightly dulled and nails are steel and heat treated for maximum durability. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Coaxial Cables and Coaxial Cable Breakouts

E-Z-Hook offers a full range of coaxial test cables, cable assemblies and breakouts. Select from our wide variety of BNC Male and BNC Female options that have test leads to our various test hooks, banana plugs, alligator clips and pin plugs. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Test hooks, Single and Double Test Hooks

E-Z-Hook manufactured the first hypo-action test hook. Today we offer hundreds of variations of this original product.

See our full line of Micro, Mini, Macro and Insulation Piercing hook styles. They include both singe and double hook options as well as high temperature options. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - XKM Micro Double Test Hook

Offering a full range of test hooks and connectors the E-Z-Hook XKM double gripper is one of our most popular micro test hooks for surface mount devices. Designed for a secure contact where high density connections are required the narrow nose design allows for side-by-side stacking of multiple hooks. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - X2015 Micro Double Test Hook

Our smallest hook offering the X2015 is designed for use with surface mount devices or where connection point is micro. The double hook connects to items of .025" spacing or greater. The full insulated shaft allows for simultaneous side by side connections when space is tight. There are no sliding contact points to ensure accurate test readings. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Nail Clips & Harness Board Test Terminals

E-Z-Nailclip Test Terminals are useful with breadboard circuits, experimental hook-ups and harness board connections to pretest circuits, modules and components. The E-Z-Nailclip holds wire ends firmly in place for a quick sure connection. E-Z-Nailclips can drive in to wood or be pressed into predrilled holes. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Flexible Multi-Stranded Test Lead Wire

E-Z-Hook offers a variety of flexible multi-stranded hook-up wire in 100, 500, and 1000ft spools. Insulation types include PVC, Teflon, Rubber and Silicon. Wire spools are available in various gauges ranging from 28-16awg and in 10 colors. In addition to wire spools E-Z-Hook has coaxial cable spools and ribbon cable. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Test Kits

At E-Z-Hook we believe the best kit is one that has everything you need in it. We work with our customers to create custom kits made from components found in our extensive product line. Some of our most popular kits are for harness board assembly and test lead and component kits for the automotive industry. (read more)