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E-Z-HOOK - From Aerospace to Telecommunications

E-Z-Flex connector kits service industries from aerospace to telecommunication (read more)


E-Z-Hook is often best known for manufacturing “little things” for test and electronic applications. These products are often used in a lab environment or designed to be connected or integrated as part of another manufactures test device or system. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Test Leads and Kits for the Automotive Market

In 1980 E-Z-Hook entered the automotive sector with our XJL insulation macro-hook connected to a lead with a standard alligator connector on the other side. This product 619XJL was offered in a black and red set of 18″, 36″ , and 60″ standard lead lengths. Today, 36 years later, this product can still be found in most automotive jobber trucks (think Matco, Snap-On, MacT... (read more)


These handy little devices represent the XB product line created for the defense and security industries. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Bread boarding and harness board accessories

E-Z-Hook provides a variety of bread boarding and harness board accessories such as our T-20 Nail driving tool, Spiral Harness wrap, terminal boards and easy to use perf board hole adapters. (quick disconnect terminal board) (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Stacking Double Banana Plug Coaxial Test Cables

E-Z-Hook's stacking double banana plug coaxial test cables provide accurate connectivity and allow for multiple connections. Complex testing situations become hassle free. Quality parts and construction ensure for durability in most testing environments. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - E-Z-Nailclips™ are perfect for pretesting circuits

E-Z-Nailclips™ are perfect for pretesting circuits, breadboards, components and experimental hookups. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - For testing in macro environments.

E-Z-Hook provides quality heavy-duty test connectors that meet your testing requirements in macro environments. Macro-Hook test connector models, XH and XHL provide strong, positive contact with large diameter items. These bigger hooks are ideal for connections over large test leads, lugs and terminals (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Extensive line of pin and banana plug adapters

E-Z-Hook has a large selection of connectors and adapters to meet all your testing needs, including Banana plugs & jacks, Pin plugs, connectors & sockets, Banana sockets, Pin sockets, Spade lugs & spade connectors, Alligator clips, Wire clamps, Panel mounts, panel mount connectors, Wire harness connectors & terminals, Terminal clips, Ring adapters and ring terminals. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - XEP & XEPA are ideal for piercing small wire

E-Z-Hook offers macro-hook and micro-hook connectors with insulation piercing capability. All have single needle point piercing ideal for establishing accurate contact through insulation. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Dynamic insulation-piercing wire clamp

E-Z Hook The XB dynamic insulation-piercing wire clamp features a thumb screw for positive contact and maximum stability. With a large needle cluster area the XB can pierce insulated wire up .150" in diameter and as small as a 32 gauge insulated wire. The XB is provided with factory installed leads and is offered with a variety of connector options. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Test Probes, Connectors, Adapters, Cables, Wire

Utilized across multiple industries, E-Z-Hook test and measurement accessories are found in labs, in the field, and bundled as accessory components with larger machines and devices. In addition to our complete line of standard test products, E-Z-Hook offers custom product design and development for clients. Family owned and operated in the USA, RoHS compatible product lines. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Test Alligator Connectors and Adapters

E-Z-Hook has an extensive line of alligator clips including mini, macro, and insulation piercing. In addition, alligator clips are available on test leads and test cables. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Test Terminals on Threaded Post

E-Z-Hook manufacturers several variations of test terminals, nail clips and harness board connectors. Test terminals as shown here are offered with varying sized threaded posts, and prove to be popluar in the field (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Coaxial Cable Assemblies

E-Z-Hook Coaxial Test Cables, Assemblies, and Breakouts are proven favorites across multiple industries. Our broad range of cable styles and options, as well as our ability to customize lengths or connectors allows customers options at reasonable prices. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Back Probe Test Needle, 8064

The 8064 back probe is now available in red, black and yellow. These needle probes are the perfect accessory when a quick test connection is required. The one side has a banana socket and accepts most standard banana plugs.

Versatile for multiple industry applications we find these particularly popular in the automotive testing and repair fields.

Like Loading... (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Test Cables and Coaxial Assemblies

US Manufacturers of test cables and cable assemblies. Standard and custom lenght and connector options. Full line ofof coaxial cable options including BNC Male, BNC Female, TNC, N Series, UHF, SMA and LOC connectors. Cable is also available seperately in spools as are all coaxial connectors and cable accessories. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - ROHS PRODUCTS, Electronic Test Accessories

E-Z-Hook is proud to offer an extensive RoHS compliant product line. We constently work with our clients requirements to ensure we can meet government regulations on test and accessory products. With over 55 years in the business we feel confident our quality, products, and services can meet your needs. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - E-Z-Hook for Your Medical and Dental Equipment.

E-Z-Hook produces standard and custom test leads and cable assembles for use with medical and dental equipment. We have manufactured many of our standard hooks in high temperature resistant material to withstand the ongoing sterilization and autoclaving demands of the medical field. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Manufacturer of Test Hooks and Test Probes

Select from our extensive range of micro, mini and macro test hooks including single hook, double hook and insulation piercing options. E-Z-Hook manufactures a variety of styles, including hooks for high temperature and non-magnetic environments. Product assembly methods include one-piece, single insulated contact to assure accurate readings. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Harness Board Test Terminals

Harness Board Test Terminals, Connectors and Harness Board Nails. E-Z-Hook manufactures test terminals and insulation piercing clips for harness boarding. Check out our various styles. In addition to this product line don't miss our line of flexible test lead wire available for purchase in spools of 100, 500, 1000 and 10,000 feet. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Multimeter Test Leads

Test Lead kit for use with most Digital Multimeter brands including Fluke, Simpson, Extech, Klein, and many more. Since the early 1980's E-Z-Hook has been manufacturing test leads specifically for use in the automotive industry. Made in the USA our test leads are durable in any high use environment. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Test hooks and probes

Manufacturer of a full range of test hooks and connectors, the E-Z-Hook XKM double gripper is one of our most popular micro test hooks for surface mount devices. Designed for a secure contact where high density connections are required the narrow nose design allows for side-by-side stacking of multiple hooks. This part can be customized with client logo for large quantity purchases. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Test Accessories for Medical and Dental Industries

E-Z-HOOK for Medical and Dental Test Accessory Equipment

E-Z-Hook produces test connectors , test leads, and cable assembles for use with medical and dental equipment. We have manufactured many of our standard hooks in high temperature resistant material to withstand the ongoing sterilization and autoclaving demands of the medical field. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Coaxial Connectors

E-Z-Hook supplies a complete line of coaxial connectors and adapters. Our full product line includes BNC Male and Female connectors, SMA and SMB connectors, "N" Series connectors, UHF, TNC and LOC connectors. We manufacture many adapters between serious and also offer a complete line of coaxial test cables and assemblies. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - E-Z-Flex Test Adapter Kits

E-Z-Flex connectors are available individually or as a test connector kit of 16 unique pins and sockets in red and black. These electrical test adapters are available individually in four distinct pin and socket sizes. All gold plated pin and socket flexible test adapters are available with either a banana socket (banana jack) on one side or a 0.080" sockets connector. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Test Hooks, Mini to Macro

E-Z-Hook manufacturers a complete line to test hooks that can be used individually or connected to test leads and cable assemblies. Our product line has micro sized options, insulation piercing hooks, and larger macro test hooks for industrial applications. We offer single and double hook options, RoHS compliant, various hook bend options, and much more. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Panel Mounts

E-Z-Hook Manufacturers panel mounts and binding posts with banana sockets and 0.080 pin tip sockets. Our range of components includes miniature, standard and double panel mounts. Panel mounts are available in 10 colors and manufacturered in the USA. Products are available as RoHS Compliant. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Long Handles Test Probes

E-Z-Hook manufacturers a complete product line of test probes and test cables. Select from our long-handled test probes, variable spacing, and needle or pin tip probes. All probes are available on test leads as well as coxial cable options. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Easy to use pistol grip hook

The easy to use pistol grip hook provides standard mini-hook convenience with provisions for building in internal resistor circuitry in the handle. It is available in short (X100W style) and long (XL1 style) hook models, and designed for use with RG58C/U cable or large gauge wire leads. Variations on this product include internal banana plugs and pin sockets. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Ideal for use in delicate testing environments

The X2015, P25, XMR, XK and XKM test connectors all have narrow body designs and lightweight construction ideal for use in delicate testing environments where side by side connections are required. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Establish accurate contact through insulation.

E-Z-Hook offers macro-hook and micro-hook connectors with insulation piercing capability. All have single needle point piercing ideal for establishing accurate contact through insulation. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Stronger, thicker and wider blade material

The stronger spring pressure guarantees a firm grip and constant connection. The small wire exit hole on plunger limits potential blade exposure. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Wire Piercing Clamps, Harness Board Components

From test terminals to wire clamps, E-Z-Hooks line of harness board components is durable and well designed. These components have been tested across industry fields including aerospace and military applications. Many products are considered standard, but E-Z-Hook also has custom applications specific to certain industry needs. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Patch Cords and Test Leads, RoHS Compliant Product

Manufacturer of test leads, wire assemblies, jumpers and patch cords. Select from an assortment of E-Z-Hooks standard product lines offering test combinations with plugs, sockets, alligator clips, hooks, probes and more. Product can be customized in length to fit any application requirement. Patch cords are available with various wire insulation, gauge, as well as coxial cable options. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Test and Measurement Accessories Made In the USA

E-Z-Hook manufacturers test components that solve requirements for engineers and technicians working in multiple industries. For over 50 years E-Z-Hook has been making quality product that withstands the test of time. Whether you need is "off the shelf" or custom we work to satisfy our customers technical requirements. (read more)


Manufacturing for over 50 years, E-Z-Hook provides their customers with a complete range of test and measurement accessories. From industry standard solutions to custom applications, E-Z-Hook products have been solving problems and making necessary connections for engineers and technicians working in multiple industries. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Flexible Test Wire Spools

E-Z-Hook offers multi-stranded flexible test lead wire, coaxial cable and ribbon cable. Wire is available in various gauges, insulations (PVC, Silicone, Teflon), and colors. Our extensive line of coaxial cables accommodates the testing needs of our clients with the highest quality at affordable prices. Wire and cable is available in spools of 100, 500 and 1000 feet. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Alligator Cables and Test Leads

E-Z-Hook offers a complete product line of insulation piercing alligator clips, test leads and test cables. In addition we have a broad offering of alligator styles and sizes for every testing requirement. Our extensive product line and custom capabilities allows us to fullfill most company and industry needs. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Test Terminals, Harness Board Nails

US based manufacturer of test and measurement accessories offers complete line of test terminals and nail clips for harness board requirements. Our E-Z-Hook Nailclips provide easy finger opening action to make multiple connections. A wide variety of styles and sizes are availlable. (read more)

E-Z-HOOK - Micro Test Connectors

Test Connectors and hooks of all sizes are manufactured by E-Z-Hook in the USA. Our extensive product line includes single and double hook styles, insulation piercing hooks, mini to macro sized test components. Test connectors are also available with factory installed test leads and cables as well as many styles which offer 0.025" square pin connections and 0.030" pin connectors. (read more)