Custom Products

E-Z-HOOK, a division of Tektest, Inc. offers custom manufacturing for these products:

Cable Assemblies

Let E-Z-Hook design and develop to your requirements. If you are tired of making off-the-shelf products fit your "not so" off-the-shelf requirements let us know. We make clients "custom" products all the time. We have been designing, developing and manufacturing our E-Z-Hook products for over 50 years. (read more)

Electrical Connectors

Customized in Pink, the double gripper is designed for hard to make test connections of varying sizes and shapes. The double hooks assure a solid contact with easy-to-use spring-loaded design. The narrow nose configuration is ideal for side-by-side stacking of the test connectors. (read more)

Electrical Test Probes

Custom is standard when it comes to E-Z-Hook's Energy products
Developing custom kits like the 3552 for applications in the energy is standard for E-Z-Hook. Let your unique, one-off requirements be addressed by E-Z-Hook’s skilled engineering team. (read more)

Custom is our standard when it comes to ensuring our products are able to fulfill testing requirements. E-Z-Hook’s most recent customization for Probe Model 40 Long-Handle Test Probe replacement tip is our 9497 90-degree bend replacement tip. It is a modification of our 9400 0.080” Replacement extended tip. At any angle, our replacement tips are perfect for your battery testi... (read more)

Patch Cables and Cords

E-Z-Hook manufactures many of our standard hooks in high temperature resistant material to withstand the ongoing sterilization and autoclaving demands in the medical field. (read more)