Chirp-ready Transducer for Commercial Fishing

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Airmar's Chirp-Ready Cavity Mount Transducer for Commercial Fishing

AIRMAR® Technology Corporation, a world leader in ultrasonic transducers and Chirp technology, is pleased to announce their CM510L Cavity Mount Transducer, a 3kW Chirp-ready transducer with low frequency (25-50 kHz) Chirp capabilities. Ideally suited for commercial fishing applications where bottom discrimination and target resolution of bottom-fish species are critical to success, the CM510L includes the popular 28 kHz, 38 kHz and 50 kHz fishing frequencies, plus all other frequencies in the band.

“We wanted to develop a comprehensive transducer for commercial fishing,” stated Jennifer Matsis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The CM510L delivers the most popular fishing frequencies in one housing, eliminating the need for multiple transducers on the boat. This one transducer delivers deepwater Chirp performance for vessels targeting deep bottom species, plus still has the best-in-class performance in the upper water column.”

“I am really excited to be introducing the new CM510L to the commercial fishing industry here in South Africa,” said Craig Santer, General Manager of Airmar’s South African office. “Like other groundbreaking Airmar products we have introduced to this market, I can easily see the CM510L becoming a game-changing upgrade, particularly to the fleets of vessels that long line for hake during one season, then target tuna in the next. The CM510L will provide superior performance for both.”

The CM510L operates in Chirp mode or on discrete frequencies, and includes Airmar’s patented Xducer ID® technology, which enables the transducer to transmit important data about itself automatically to the connected echosounder. The CM510L is offered in a urethane housing designed for custom wet box external mounting.