MAXIMIXER: Three Mixers In One

Featured Product from ARDE Barinco, Inc.

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Mixing at multiple viscosities with three different mixers gives the Maximixer the ability to disperse and emulsify with high shear, efficiently blend with high pumping capability and move and scrape high viscosity materials from the process vessel walls.

The Maximixer system consists of three main components: a process vessel with three independently controlled mixers; an instrument panel that controls the temperature as well as the speed and direction of the mixers; and a personal computer that records key parameters you can use to ensure maximum efficiency and successful scale-up.

At the heart of the Maximixer system is ARDE Barinco's exclusive Reversible Homogenizer for high-shear batch processing. By pumping up and down, this unique mixer can incorporate powders, disperse volatile fragrances and deaerate high-viscosity mixtures quickly and evenly. It provides thorough top-to-bottom mixing even in tall, thin process vessels, so there's no need to purchase costly large-diameter vessels that take up valuable floor space.

The second mixer, a scraped-surface agitator, gently mixes shear-sensitive materials. The third, auxiliary mixer can be any one of a variety of different types. ARDE Barinco will install the one that's right for your application.

By varying the speed and direction of the three mixers, you can achieve four separate modes: dispersion, homogenization, deaeration and cleaning. The reversibility of the mixers provides several major operating advantages that translate into savings of time, power consumption and operating costs.

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Case History


3.5% carbomer (Carbopol®)* powder dispersed into potassium hydroxide solution.


Carbomer mixture in water and potassium hydroxide becomes extremely viscous almost immediately since the KOH is basic and that activates the carbomer gel.  It is virtually impossible to avoid lumping.


Carbomer powders are feed directly into the rotor/stator mixer from the bottom of the mixing vessel utilizing vacuum. Anchor/scraper mixer cleans off viscous material from side walls.  Auxiliary mixer provides blending of additional active ingredients prior to Deaeration step.


Model MXM-1000 ARDE MAXIMIXER system.


Air free gel prevents any voids in the battery for longer battery life and reduced rejects.

*Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.