BRIMFLEX™ Shrinkable PVC Tubing

Featured Product from BRIM Electronics, Inc.

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BRIMFLEX™ SH105 is a flexible all purpose shrinkable PVC tubing that shrinks 50% of its expanded size when exposed to temperatures below 200°F (within one minute).  SH105 meets MIL-I-23053/2B, Class 2, and conforms to MIL-I-631D, Grade C.   Longitudinal shrinkage: approximately 20%.  SH105 is self-extinguishing, resistant to fungus, most oils, and chemicals, sunlight, moisture, and is non-corrosive. 
SH105 is suitable for insulating wires, cablesand electronic components, that vary in shapes, & dimensions.  Produces a smooth snug flexible fit, in most applications -- even around sharp bends.  Tensile Strength: 2000PSI min.   Dielectric Strength: 700V/MIL min., ASTM-D922. 

Suggested Storage Temperature: under 70°F for up to 10 months.  UL recognized SH105 is available to  order.  STD COLORS: Black, Clear (crystal clear), Red, White.    Other colors available to order.

BRIMFLEX™ SH110 shrinkable heavy wall PVC tubing meets or exceeds the performance requirements of MIL-I-23053/2B, Class 2 but for its dimensions -- it's heavier wall.  SH110 is flexible, & will shrink at temperatures below 200°F (within one minute).  Provides out-standing dielectric and mechanical protection without damage to enclosed or adjacent components, even around sharp bends.  Longitudinal shrinkage: approximately 20%.  SH110 is self-extinguishing, resistant to fungus, moisture, sunlight, and most 
oils, & SH110 is self-extinguishing, resistant to fungus, moisture, sunlight, and most oils, & chemicals.

Dielectric Strength: 600V/MIL min., ASTM-D922.  Suitable as a heavy duty all-purpose shrinkable tubing that is less expensive, almost as flexible, and has a higher temperature ability than that of Shrinkable Neoprene tubing.