eBook:Selecting the Perfect Gas Detection Solution

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eBook: Selecting the Perfect Gas Detection Solution, in Life Science Applications

While the earliest incubators were developed more than a thousand years ago, to keep chicken eggs warm, advances in science abounded between then and now. While modern-day incubation equipment has the ability to control numerous conditions within the machine itself, the same basic principles still apply in terms of maintenance, reliability and gas measurement. Specifically, dependent upon your application in life sciences, technicians must still control carbon dioxide, oxygen, temperature, humidity, ventilation, and sterilization to ensure the correct pH balance in the cultures. How well these specific components are met may differ dependent upon the culture itself, environment and model of the incubator, as well as the overall upkeep and maintenance of the equipment all to ensure the incubators are working precisely as they are designed. 

In this eBook  you will learn:
  • CO2 Incubator 101
  • How to differentiate the gases in life science industries
  • How CO2Meter plays a role
  • How to choose the best CO2 Sensor for Incubation
  • Why maintenance matters in CO2 incubators
  • Top Questions to ask when purchasing a CO2 Incubator Sensor
  • A-Z Guide for Life Science Terminology
  • and Much More!